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WWE’s Xavier Woods Wants AEW And Other Wrestlers On His New G4 Show

G4 is finally back on television after years away. The video game network is ready to captivate gamers once again with new shows, ideas, and faces, one of which is WWE star Xavier Woods, also known as Austin Creed. Creed will host his own show produced by WWE on the gaming network in 2022, and if he has a choice, it could be a place we see both WWE and AEW stars appearing on television at the same time. 

I got a chance to speak to Austin Creed ahead of his upcoming show on G4, and while we couldn’t get into all the details of the series, he did confirm previously that it's a competition show where prominent names from gaming and elsewhere go head-to-head. Given that Creed is known for a similar body of work on his gaming channel UpUpDownDown, and that WWE is co-producing the show, I asked if we’d see other WWE talent on the program. Creed said it’s indeed a possibility and then took things a step further in suggesting the unnamed G4 series could welcome wrestling talent from across other brands.

Possibly, nothing is out of the window. Being linked to WWE where anything can happen, G4 would be a great place to interact with other wrestling talent from anywhere. So, it would be a great piece of fun to be able to interact with people that I might not be able to interact with otherwise. And G4 is such a good and inclusive place. I was at the studio this past week and it's just incredible to see so many different kinds of faces and people from so many different areas and walks of life, just in the office down to like the social media team. Everybody is different and brings something to the table. So, I’m hoping that it is a means to create more content with more people that you normally wouldn't see us creating content with.

“Other wrestling talent from anywhere” should set off alarm bells for wrestling fans, especially those who have followed Austin Creed’s channel over the years. Creed’s channel includes WWE talent playing video games, though quite a few of those stars have since moved on to other wrestling organizations following their release from the WWE. 

Of course, with that tease, I had to follow up to ask if this meant stars currently signed with AEW would be welcome on Austin Creed’s G4 series. Creed admitted it’s not something that he can directly make a call on, but did reveal what he hopes the answer will be.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m hoping that it’s not [out of the question] because I think that it would be a great opportunity to show that when people sit down and break bread together from different places, everybody can win. I’m not sure the ins and outs of things like that, but I am definitely hoping that we see a little bit of [holds up Adam Cole t-shirt]...some of that. So if we can re-link up with some Da Party stuff, that’d be great.

Adam Cole was part of “Da Party,” which was a popular set of videos Xavier Woods did with fellow WWE superstars Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler. Cole left and moved over to AEW, which obviously made the logistics and possibly the optics of appearing on WWE-affiliated programming difficult. One would imagine that will remain a problem even with Austin Creed’s hope that his G4 series can serve as neutral territory, but I think wrestling fans would absolutely love to see this happen all the same. After all, when brands work together, everyone wins, right? 

And, while Xavier Woods (who was recently coronated in WWE as King Woods) couldn’t directly tease any wrestling talent for his new G4 series, we’ve learned this show will boast some star power. Celebrities like Chris Evans and other big names could appear, which shows G4 and Woods aren’t messing around about making things happen. Surely if they can appear, then it’s possible someone like Adam Cole can too? 

Austin Creed and the WWE’s G4 series, which still doesn’t have a title, is set to launch on the network sometime in 2022. Those with Verizon Fios, Cox, and Xfinity TV can check out G4 on their channel lineups, or can stream the network via Philo or on G4’s official Twitch channel.

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