7 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching Mamma Mia (For The Millionth Time)

The main cast of Mamma Mia!
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From the first time I saw this movie, I knew I was hooked. From the phenomenal Mamma Mia! cast to its fun storyline and the catchy music, there’s just something about this film that does it for me every single time I watch it. To this day, no matter what, this is still one of my favorite modern musicals, and I hope it can pave the way for more modern musicals to come out.

As I was watching it for the millionth time recently, I kept thinking of things that have evolved in my head over the years when I’ve re-watched this film. So, in honor of my love for Mamma Mia!, I’m going to go over seven thoughts that crossed my mind while re-watching this lovely film. 

Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!

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Meryl Streep Is Having The Time Of Her Life

I mean, you can’t deny it. Look at her. Look at that smile. 

Meryl Streep is an amazing actress, and her track record for having the most Oscar nominations proves that. She has been in critically acclaimed films like Sophie’s Choice, The Iron Lady, The Post, and so many others that it’s almost hard to keep count. Her timing is impeccable, her acting fantastic - there’s not really much you can criticize this famous actress about. 

Which is why it’s so refreshing to see her in a role like this. 

I mean, we all know that Meryl Streep is a phenomenal dramatic actress but there’s something so wholesome about watching her sing and dance around with her friends as Donna, seeing that genuine smile that adorns her face. I love watching Streep act dramatically, but her performance in Mamma Mia! has always been one of my favorites because she truly looks like she’s having the time of her life. 

Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!

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How The Hell Can Sophie Afford To Bring Everyone Out To Greece?

Like, actually. How the hell did she afford this? 

I know that Sophie’s (played by the wonderful Amanda Seyfried) mother, Donna, owns the villa on Kalokairi, but like, we have to think about this rationally. Sophie, in Mamma Mia!, is twenty years old. I’m sorry, but there aren’t a lot of twenty year olds who are able to afford to fly all of their family and friends out to a destination wedding in Greece of all places. 

But, let’s just say by some miracle that Sophie was able to afford to bring everyone out there - this island was still far out there in Greece. The transportation would have been a mess. And, the fact that the wedding was basically canceled at the end kind of made the whole celebration moot. But, whatever. Live your life, Sophie. 

Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!

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Sophie And Sky Are Actually Really Cute

A big gripe I had with Mamma Mia! when I was young and stupid was that, for some ungodly reason, I didn’t like Sophie and Sky (Dominic Cooper). I know, weird, but I think it’s because I was too young to really appreciate their relationship for what it is. 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to really like their relationship and how cute they actually are. You can clearly tell that they love each other and have the same passions and goals for the future, and that even through tough times, they’ll make it out okay. Even them in the end collectively deciding to forgo the wedding until they’re ready and just travel was a great moment between the two of them. 

Oh, and their song, "Lay All Your Love On Me?"  Yup, that is a bop and a half and I will listen to that over and over again. 

Donna and the Dynamos in Mamma Mia!

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Can I Be As Cool As Donna And Her Friends Someday?

Seriously. They are the freaking cutest. 

At Sophie’s bachelorette party, Donna and her two friends, Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski), reunite for one night only as their band, Donna and the Dynamos, to perform for Sophie and her friends and ugh, I just love this scene. 

It’s full of so much fun and life and makes me want to dress up in a big glittery jumpsuit when I’m in my fifties. Middle-age goals. 

Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!

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Bring On The Water Works 

Every single time I listen to "Slipping Through My Fingers," I cry, and this scene is no exception, as we watch Donna help her daughter, Sophie, prepare for her wedding. It’s such a wholesome scenario, a mother simply aiding her daughter in getting ready; painting her nails, getting her dressed - it’s so sweet and lovable. 

I think what makes this scene even better is that we know how stressful this wedding has been not only for Sophie, but for Donna. And to see them come together after all the drama that has ensued due to Sophie's three possible fathers being there, and everything else combined, is well worth the wait. 

Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia!

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Dear God Someone Stop Pierce Brosnan From Singing

I know Pierce Brosnan doesn’t care if we don’t like this signing voice, but, God someone stop him. 

Pierce Brosnan has made some spectacular films, including his time as James Bond. He’s a fantastic actor- just not a good singer, and even now, years later, I still haven’t gotten used to his raspy and, quite frankly, horrid voice. As someone who grew up with music in my house from a young age, listening to him makes me want to close my ears.

You’re still a great actor, Brosnan. Just stay away from my musicals, please.

Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!

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This Movie Really Didn’t Need A Sequel

The more I watch this film and see the ending, the more I start to think - this movie really did not need a sequel. Like, at all. 

While Mamma Mia! 2: Here We Go Again quietly brought in some money, got decent reviews, and upped the ante of the cast, including big names like Cher and Lily James, I still don’t think it was needed. I didn’t want a movie that talked about Donna’s strange and mysterious death, and seeing her spirit at peace. It was nice and all to learn about her past and watch Sophie grow up, but we didn’t need to see it. 

The first film ended perfectly, with new couples getting together, Donna and Sam getting married, and Sophie and Sky getting their chance to sail off into the sunset to travel. We didn’t need to see what happened next. Everyone got their happy ending. Which is why I feel that this sequel was just…unnecessary. But, even with the sequel, there’s no denying my love for the first film. 

There’s been rumors of a possible Mamma Mia 3 happening, but I really hope it stays as it is - rumors, because the first film truly does make me smile in so many ways. I hope that if you haven’t seen it, maybe you’ll get the first chance to watch it because of this article. Soon enough, you’ll be a "Dancing Queen," just like I became. 

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