A Dwayne Johnson Fan Waited Hours To Meet Him. See Her Lose It When They Finally Took A Photo Together

Time and time again Dwayne Johnson has proven that in addition to being the biggest movie star in the world. He’s also, quite possibly, the nicest guy in the world. We frequently see The Rock take time out for fans, but they don’t get much more special than this one, where Johnson stops to take several pictures with a young girl who is in absolute shock at meeting him. 

The Rock posted a video to his Instagram which shows him meeting with a Memphis, Tennessee 10th grader named Carol who apparently stood outside in the early morning hours for two hours in order to get a picture with The Rock. She likely spent those two hours quite nervous at the thought of meeting him, but those nerves completely overwhelm her when she finally sees him and it’s just adorable. Check it out. 

Throughout the entire interaction Carol is simply unable to regain herself, which maybe isn’t that surprising. She’s clearly a huge fan and now she’s standing next to a guy who she’s only previously seen on movie and TV screens. Dwayne Johnson is as nice as can be, however, trying to help her remain calm and he just takes all the time she wants to take pictures.

In the post attached to the video he also reveals that’s giving Carol and her friends free opening night tickets to Black Adam, which is also really nice. Carol probably still can’t believe that she got to meet Dwayne Johnson in person. As somebody who has been lucky enough to interview The Rock, I get it.

The Rock is in Memphis, Tennessee as part of the production of the third season of his show Young Rock. It seems Carol tracked down where he was, and decided to wait to see him first thing in the morning, when he might have more time, to just get a simple picture. Clearly there’s some dedication here, but she also gave Johnson space and let him come to her, which is nice.

Dwayne Johnson has spoken previously about an experience he had early in his wrestling career, where Johnson didn’t give a fan the time, and that the moment taught him that he had the power to make people feel good. Furthermore, he learned that doing so didn’t even usually require that much from him. He made the decision to be nicer to fans, and that is clearly giving some people, like this kid, a potentially life-changing experience.

Certainly, after an experience like this Dwayne Johnson has made a fan for life who is never going to forget this. Although, she may need to refer to the videos and the pictures as it's not clear how much she'll actually remember, as this kid was clearly in real shock. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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