A Nope Extended Cut? Jordan Peele Shares Thoughts After People Catch Moments In The Trailer That Didn't Make The Movie

Steven Yeun as Ricky in Nope looking at UFO
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While the horror genre is in the midst of a thrilling renaissance, one filmmaker has established himself as a cutting-edge visionary: Jordan Peele. Following his Oscar-winning debut movie Get Out, the comedian turned director has worked on two more modern horror classics. The most recent was the UFO mystery Nope, and some fans are wondering if an extended cut might be possible. Now Peele shared his thoughts after people catch moments in the trailer that didn’t make the movie.

Nope’s story was shrouded in mystery before its release, leading fans to dissect every frame of the movie’s footage. And once it was out, it was revealed that shots and even an entire character were left on the cutting room floor. Jordan Peele was recently asked by Collider about to this dynamic, saying:

I can neither confirm nor deny anything of the sort. It's like, 'Oh, shit.' There's been a lot of response to people sort of finding things in the trailer that aren't in the actual movie. I can say, I do think people will see more in the future. That's kind of all I really can say. I'm hopeful.

Well, that’s intriguing. Since Nope ended folks have been wondering if Jordan Peele might make his first sequel movie. And comments like these are sure to increase rumors and theories about this possibility, as he’s “hopeful” about more of his story coming to life in “the future.” Bring on Jean Jacket’s relatives!

Jordan Peele’s comments to Collider are sure to turn a few heads, especially those who are eager to dive back into the universe of Nope. The talks about a potential sequel have been partially buoyed by Peele himself, as he refused to explain the backstory behind the movie’s deleted character “Nobody.” Namely because he thought it could come to light in a future project. So give us Nope 2, you cowards. I’m thinking of a title like Hell Nope.

Later in that same interview, Jordan Peele further addressed how much excitement has been surrounding Nope since its release. Not only because of sequel talks, but because it’s a movie that’s begging for a re-watch just like Get Out and Us. As he put it,

There's a lot of enthusiasm clearly to sort of dig into the layers of this film. And it's one of the things that I am most excited by, is that I think there's a sense that people do see that we haven't cheated, we've made a film that if you watch it, it's telling a story and the pieces of the puzzle that feel like they're missing upon another viewing, reveal themselves to not be missing. And so I'm very energized by the fact that people want more from this story.

It’s currently unclear if a Nope extended cut or sequel will ever actually come to fruition, but Jordan Peele’s work continues to be at the forefront of pop culture. Moviegoing audiences already can’t wait to find out what’s next for the acclaimed filmmaker, with fans debating if that’ll be a new project or a follow-up to one of his previous properties like Nope. While that movie’s story was wrapped up in a satisfying way, it does seem like it could be expanded. Are there more creatures like Jean Jacket out there?

Nope is currently available in theaters and VOD now. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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