A Walt Disney Hologram Is About To Make Its Debut, And You Could See It Real Soon

Walt Disney hologram on GMA
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Few individuals conjure up quite as much in the imagination as Walt Disney. While many of us have grown up as Disney fans in the decades since Walt Disney died, we still know that name and understand what it means. And now those that have never been able to truly see Walt Disney will have that chance, because Walt is now a hologram that’s part of the new Disney 100 exhibition opening in Philadelphia this week.

An exhibition of 100 years of Disney, as seen through props, costumes, and other parts of the famed Disney Archive, is starting a five year run at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia this week. But the most magical item might be a hologram of Walt Disney himself. GMA provided a small preview of the exhibition, including a few words from the Walt hologram, which you can see in the image above. It’s a pretty remarkable looking thing, even if it’s so real it’s entering the uncanny valley a little bit. 

Walt Disney was a committed futurist who was always interested in the possibilities of technology, so he’d honestly probably love the idea of seeing himself as a hologram. In some ways it makes him an animated character like so many others he helped bring to life.

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company and the Mouse House is pulling out all the stops  and celebrating the anniversary in a few different ways. Disneyland Resort is one place to experience the 100 Years of Wonder, and that even includes a small gallery showing off some concept art and even long lost Disneyland props. There’s also a second traveling exhibition, an immersive experience focused on Walt Disney Animation Studios.

If nothing else the existence of the Walt hologram shows how committed the Disney company is to its founder. There were rumors not that long ago that Walt Disney World might change its name and begin to distance itself from Walt the man. Whether in response to those rumors, or simply as a matter of course, we've seen Walt take center stage once again as part of the 100th anniversary. His name is attached to a lot of new merchandise, and Walt is a key part of the new World of Color show at Disney California Adventure.

This exhibition will include elements from all corners of the Disney empire and is sure to be a must see for any serious fan, whether you’re a fan of the movies, the animation, the theme parks, or some combination of all of it. Many of the actual costumes and props from decades of Disney films will be on display. There will also be a recreation of Main Street U.S.A., allowing guests to get a little taste of the parks from miles away.

The exhibition is set to g to London and Munich as well, and will hit numerous other cities around the world in the next five years. That means a lot of people will be able to stand in a room with Walt Disney, certainly something most never thought possible.

Dirk Libbey
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