Adam Sandler Hilariously Recalls The Time He Accidentally Exposed Himself At A Nude Beach

Adam Sandler in Hustle
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Adam Sandler is one of the most successful comedic actors audiences have the pleasure of watching. His movies continue to be a hit with his fans because of his humor and because of their fun viewing experiences. While his characters tend to go through outrageous storylines that can easily please a crowd, this 55-year-old actor had an over-the-top experience in his own life. In fact, Adam Sandler recently recalled the time that he accidentally exposed himself while at a nude beach. 

The latest flick of Adam Sandler’s is his dramatic movie comeback Hustle about a former basketball scout trying to make a comeback by recruiting a potential superstar he discovers in Spain. While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler recalled a time in Spain he discovered a nude beach while swimming in the Mediterranean and decided to bare all once he was there.

I look up and I see a beach and I start floating closer to the beach and everybodys nude. They’re all feeling great about themselves and feeling nude. Older people nude, young, people who look good, people who don’t look so good nude. Everyone’s nude. They don’t care, they just feel comfortable. They’re just like ‘This doesn’t matter, this is me. This is who I am. I’m going to be nude.’ So I go ‘You know what? Let me do that. Let me try that. I want to feel comfortable and confident, everyone seems to be cool here. Let’s do this.’

Originally, the basketball star that Adam Sandler’s character discovered wasn’t going to be found in Spain, but China. He had to rewrite this part of Hustle because Netflix is apparently not available in China. Sandler was told to either find this star player in Latin America or Europe. The Spanish island Majorca ended up being the winner. Let’s hope for a screenplay change like this that Hustle attracts a lot of Spaniards. 

Being nude in front of a crowd requires a lot of confidence which can grow when you see everyone else on the beach looking the same way. Adam Sandler continued to talk to Jimmy Fallon about going nude at this beach, but may not have left the water while doing so.

So I’m swimming, I stand up in the water and I take my bathing suit off. I’m still underwater, but I’m slowly building up the confidence. I take my bathing suit off, I’m standing there I go ‘I shouldn’t do this. Someones going to take my picture and ruin my life. Let me just stay underwater, this was a mistake.’ And I’m looking for my bathing suit but because it’s so salty the testicals they were like floating up. So you could see them kind of floating on top of the water. And the other thing attached to the testicles, on top of the testicals, was floating around too. And I was trying to push it down, and it would float back up.

Well, that's an embarrassing and yet memorable moment he'll never forget during the making of this Netflix drama. The Uncut Gems star continued to speak to Jimmy Fallon about its hard work to get into the NBA and fight for your spot there. In our review of Hustle, our own Eric Eisenberg states that the best parts of the movie were Adam Sandler's demonstration of his personal love and knowledge of basketball. Other critics say that director Jeremiah Zagar has an “energetic” direction that shows off in the film and praises the use of real-life NBA players and Adam Sandler’s evolution into dramatic films. 

While this comedic actor may have dropped his bathing suit off-set, you can expect to see him fully clothed in the basketball drama Hustle on your Netflix subscription and in select theaters now.

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