After Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan’s Return To Acting Put Her Opposite Santa Claus Thanks To Pepsi

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas
(Image credit: Netflix)

Y’all, Lindsay Lohan is back. If the actress’ first leading role from a major studio in nearly a decade, Netflix’s Falling For Christmas, wasn’t enough of a signal, now she’s the star of Pepsi’s 2022 holiday commercial. It’s so delightful to see the Mean Girls and Freaky Friday actress reclaim her place in pop culture outside of her fame in the early ‘00s

Lohan’s latest gig is following in the footsteps of many celebrities who have collaborated with Pepsi on one of its marketing campaigns. Check out the actress get paired with Santa Claus for what could become a viral Xmas commercial. 

The commercial starts with a classic scenario: it’s Christmas Eve and Santa has been left milk and cookies as tradition states. However, the mysterious Santa pops open a can of Pepsi instead and pours it on top of the glass of milk. After he leaves, Lindsay Lohan finds his leftovers and drinks it, saying “That is one dirty soda, Santa!” The ad ends with Lohan saying “Aw, pilk and cookies!” as a glass of the random cocktail flashes before our eyes. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of anyone combining Pepsi and milk together, but apparently it’s a thing. According to Pepsi’s chief marketing officer Todd Kaplan, combining the two drinks has been a “secret hack among Pepsi fans” for decades, per CNN. Plus, “dirty soda” was a trend that went viral on TikTok earlier this year, which had people mixing various sodas and cream together. 

Even though Lohan’s latest acting opportunity is just 30 seconds and for Pepsi, it shows some real star power from the actress. It was lovely to see her in a Christmas rom-com, and now she also gets to be the spokesperson for “pilk and cookies,” after the likes of Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson were part of Pepsi ads in the past. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Lindsay Lohan is also associated with Christmas when it comes to the Mean Girls scene where she and the Plastics sing and dance to “Jingle Bell Rock.” It’s a smart campaign as we also watch her in one of the most popular new holiday movies with our Netflix subscriptions

Following Falling For Christmas and this Pepsi ad, Lindsay Lohan is also set to star in another rom-com for Netflix called Irish Wish. In the movie, which has reportedly already been filmed, Lohan will play Maddie, who finds herself in an awkward situation when her best friend gets engaged to the love of her life and she is asked to be a bridesmaid at their destination wedding in Ireland. That, and both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are still friends and have both shown their interest for another Freaky Friday. Let the Lohan comeback continue! 

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