After The Rock Gets Asked About Becoming A Billionaire, His Jumanji Buddy Kevin Hart Also Wants In The Club

Every year, a Hollywood star (or two) joins the billionaires’ club. The Rock might be joining the club soon as he juggles a thriving acting career, his production company and multiple brands. He’s poised to join the likes of Rihanna, Tyler Perry and Kylie Jenner. It appears one of the Black Adam star’s co-stars is wanting to join the exclusive club, too. After the mogul was asked about his billionaire status, his Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart opened up about his billionaire aspirations.

There’s nothing more that screams “besties” than becoming part of the same club. Both The Rock and Kevin Hart have been putting in the work to join the billionaires’ club. So, their billionaire status would be well earned. But joining the top one percent is about the future, according to Hart. Compared to other celebrity billionaires, the Fatherhood star was more focused on what status means rather than wealth.

It's not about the money. It's about the title of a billionaire. Right? Like, what does that mean? How did you get there? What was your road to getting there, right? The point is about the other Black kids that are from where I'm from. ... From the inner cities of other places that are told that so much is impossible. Well, you could see that it is possible.

Kevin Hart’s mission is to inspire Black children with a similar background to break out their circumstances. As Hart mentioned, he was told his dreams weren’t possible growing up in Philadelphia’s inner city. During his interview with CBS Mornings, being a realistic goal was on the True Story star’s mind as he continued expressing his thought.

Also, you have an eyesight of someone that did it, that can talk to you in a way that you understand and that you know. Going back, having conversations, giving information, providing opportunities. It's the bigger side of what that means, right? Like, you're no longer for self. You're for other people.

Serving as an obtainable goal for others was a commendable action on Hart’s part. While the Jumanji: The Next Level star didn’t mention his co-star by name, it would be foolish to think The Rock may have influenced his aspirations. But it begs the question… what did the Jungle Cruise star say about his possible (if not, already true) billionaire status?

So, What Did The Rock Previously Say About Being A Billionaire?

The Rock in Red Notice

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For a while now, there have been talks of The Rock joining the exclusive club in a few years. Right now, the wrestler-turned-actor is worth $400 million with his production company Seven Bucks, tequila brand Teremana Tequila and energy drink ZOA all doing well. The Hobbs & Shaw star was asked about possibly joining Hollywood’s billionaires’ club, leading to a rather interesting answer.

I don’t like to think like that, in those terms, but I hear you, and I’ll just say that I’m aware what these valuations of these businesses that are growing are and what the street value is, and what the trajectory is. I’ll just say that. For example, we’ll take Teremana. George Clooney, as you know, he sold his tequila for a billion dollars. At that time when he sold it, they were selling approximately 150,000 to 175,000 cases [a year]. We are approximately 600,000 cases right now, as you and I speak. So that will give you an idea of what the valuation of the company is, and the brand. So there’s my answer.

Despite hinting at his status, the Jumanji star was more straightforward when asked if he had any aspirations to join the exclusive club.

Hell, yeah. Sure!

At this point, it seems both Jumanji stars are building toward becoming celebrity billionaires. Hopefully, their status will change before or after the two stars reunite for Jumanji 4. Only time will tell if Kevin Hart and The Rock will see their names on Forbes’ billionaires' list.

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