Alexandra Daddario, Chris Evans, And 8 Other Celebs Being Adorable With Their Dogs

Alexandra Daddario and Chris Evans.
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When it comes to pets, I’m a pretty big fan of them. I’ll spend hours watching movies starring dogs, whether they be happy movies or sad ones like Marley & Me (there are some days I just feel like absolutely sobbing). But, you know who else loves dogs? Celebrities. Truly, they are just like the rest of us. 

Whether it be actors, singers, or any other famous folk, celebrities love their dogs just as much as we do and often share their pets online for the world to see, such as Chris Evans, Alexandra Daddario, and so many others. Are you in need of some cuteness? Because I sure am. Here are some of the best photos of celebrities being absolutely adorable with their dogs. 

Alexandra Daddario 

First up, we have the lovely Alexandra Daddario. While she’s been making plenty of headlines recently with some of her starring roles, like appearing in The White Lotus cast (which got her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series at the 2022 Primetime Emmys) or Songbird, she’s just like us and loves to cuddle in bed with her puppy. 

In a cute Instagram post, Daddario captioned it simply, “a few minutes of dog snuggling” while holding her own beloved pooch. I mean, I think we could all use some minutes of dog snuggling. Gotta go and cuddle my own pupper. 

Justin And Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber has been having a troublesome 2022, with his most recent diagnosis regarding a facial paralysis, but he’s still going strong alongside his wife, Hailey Bieber, with close friend Usher saying he is "doing good" as of July 2022, according to Music Times. What’s the best way to get through a rough patch? Dog cuddles, of course. 

Bieber posted a picture of him and his wife on Instagram, laying down with their little dog between them, captioning the photo, “Good Morning from the Bieber Family,” with the couple smiling and a little furball between their heads. Adorable. 

Chris Evans 

If you’ve been on the internet at all, you’d understand just how much Chris Evans loves dogs. While he’s been busy doing so much in Hollywood, from starring in The Gray Man cast to working on several upcoming projects, there’s something he pretty consistently posts on his Instagram page - and that, my friends, is his rescue dog, Dodger. 

In an Instagram post, Evans put up a simple picture of him and his dog riding along in a car with his dog’s head on his shoulder, captioning it in celebration of National Rescue Dog Day on May 20th. Truly, the sweetest photo - and seriously, if you want to see more of his dog, Evans posts about him all the time on his Instagram. You just have to love it. 

Selena Gomez

In recent years, singer/actress Selena Gomez has been making a name for herself with roles in shows like the recently renewed Only Murders in the Building, which has received critical acclaim, and her own cooking show on HBO Max. But what you might not know is that she is a dog lover as well!

Gomez posted a picture of her and her two dogs, Daisy and Winnie, that she adopted last year on Instagram. It was of her cuddling the two of them on the couch and captioning the photo, “These two,” with a cute emoji to go along with it. They just look so dang fluffy. 

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Russell Wilson And Ciara

Football and singing isn’t the only thing these two devote their time to - they have a new member of the family! While Russell Wilson is known for his pro skills in the National Football League (NFL) and Ciara is a worldwide superstar, these two have come together to raise a little puppy together alongside their family. 

Ciara took to Instagram to welcome the puppy into the family, who is perfectly named “Bronco” after Wilson’s football team, The Denver Broncos, captioning it, “Meet Bronco! The kids call her Bronco Love Brownie :)”

Hailee Steinfeld 

Hailee Steinfeld has been a consistent force in Hollywood for several years, whether that be starring in the Apple TV+ original, Dickinson, or appearing as Kate Bishop in the Disney+ series, Hawkeye, but that doesn’t change the fact that she loves dogs just as much as all of us - and welcomed a new pupper to the family. 

In an Instagram post put up in April 2022, Steinfeld posted a picture of her new puppy, Brando, simply captioning it, “meet brando,” with a series of photos of her with the dog. Just so cute - I need more pictures as soon as possible, please. 

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been famous since she was a young child, and has done so much in her time, from some of Barrymore's best movies to other ventures like Drew Magazine and her self-titled daytime talk show. In this Instagram post, Barrymore’s starting her morning off right - reading the latest issue of her magazine while chilling with Douglas, one of her dogs. What a way to begin the day.  

Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen has had some of the funniest Instagram posts out there that have featured not only her but her family, and this one just happens to be about her two dogs staring at her on Instagram.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much, but the simple caption of, “what,” paired with the picture makes me snicker every time, and I can almost imagine Teigen looking at them suspiciously. They’re planning something - you can see it in their eyes as they sit on that plant pot. You just have to love it. 

Jennifer Morrison 

Sometimes, all we need are some good doggy cuddles, and that’s exactly what Jennifer Morrison was doing when she decided to post this picture on Instagram. Morrison is shown to be holding her dog while laying down, getting some good TLC, simply captioning the photo with several red heart emojis. 

Michelle Obama 

Last but not least, we can’t not feature a picture of Michelle Obama’s beloved family dog. While the Obamas' dog that they had during their time in the White House, Bo, passed away in 2021, according to the NY Times, they recently adopted another dog and called her Sunny, and Michelle Obama took to Instagram to celebrate her on National Pet Day. 

Captioning the photo, Obama typed, “Happy #NationalPetDay, Sunny! I just love spending time with my furry gal - whose snuggles bring so much joy and delight to everyone she meets,” featuring a happy Sunny sunbathing. How perfect. 

If you want doggies and more doggies, these are just a few of the celebrities who love to post about their canine friends. Now I’m going to go and watch all the cute videos of Dodger that Chris Evans has put up on his Instagram page. Do not disturb me until I have absorbed all the cuteness. 

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