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Alexandra Daddario Welcomed Fans Back After Instagram Shutdown With A Big, Juicy Burger

Yesterday is a day that will very likely live in infamy. While we’d seen Facebook and its associated services go down before, yesterday was one of the longest outages we’d seen, and considering how many billions of people around the world use Facebook, Instagram, and more, it was a massive loss for many. Luckily actress Alexandria Daddario is here to welcome us home.

When things finally got back to something vaguely resembling normal yesterday, actress Alexandra Daddario decided the way to welcome us all back to Instagram was with a quite delicious-looking burger. She’s looking pretty good too.

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I’m not exactly sure of the context of this picture but there’s something about Alexandria Daddario looking like she’s ready for a night out on the town, while also looking ready to chow down on a massive burger, that’s just perfect. Perhaps the picture was taken after a night on the town, because sometimes all you want after a big night like that is delicious food that’s terrible for you. 

While a lot of people tend to use Instagram for pictures of their food, Alexandra Daddario doesn’t seem to do that much, and at least not recently, and obviously she didn’t actually take this picture. It seems like maybe this picture was supposed to be of her and her nice dress,  but somehow ended up being about a burger. It's maybe not that surprising, that burger does look really good. 

And something like a juicy burger may be exactly what a lot of people needed yesterday. While many were making jokes on Twitter about hoping Facebook and Instagram stayed down, they’ve become such a normal part of people’s everyday existence that not having access to them just felt, weird. Even if you didn’t think you cared that much about Instagram you probably found yourself checking on its status multiple times throughout the day. 

The only good news was that we all had Twitter to fall back on so that we could complain or make jokes about the fact that we couldn't use Facebook.

While social media has its downsides, it has brought people closer together in a lot of ways, and if nothing else that was made clear by the shared experience of losing access to it all. Another way social media has changed things is the way that it has brought people in the public eye closer to their fans. Certainly, Alexandra Daddario probably missed the interactions that she has on Instagram, thus offering all her fans a delicious burger. 

At this point it seems that the worst is behind us and we can all go back to business as usual. And if you feel the need to treat yourself to a delicious burger, go ahead. Following the great Facebook shutdown of 2021, you deserve it, you survived. 

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