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Amanda Bynes Reveals Harsh Criticism She Once Received From Movie Director About Her Appearance

For most of her life, certainly most of her young life, Amanda Bynes was a staple of the entertainment industry. Starting from age 10, she made kids laugh on the Nickelodeon network, had her own namesake show and eventually expanded into film territory with runaway cult classics like Big Fat Liar with Frankie Muniz and What a Girl Wants. Bynes’ career has largely been on a hiatus since 2010 and the later installment of her conservatorship, but the actress revealed how she still remembers, all these years later, a single harsh criticism she once received from a movie director about her appearance.

With the renewed possibility of her conservatorship ending, much like Britney Spears’, the 35-year-old has found herself back on Instagram with a newly reinstated account. Amanda Bynes’ latest post on it showed a clip of herself up close and bare faced. It’s her caption, though, that shed some insight into her past and how casually cruel some people could apparently be. Bynes wrote,

The reason I don’t usually look great in paparazzi pictures is because I’m squinting in the sun. The videos and pictures I post are in a flattering light, or in the shade outside, without the sun blasting on my face. I once did a movie where the director told me that in certain lights, I looked like a monster

Amanda Bynes added a laughing emoji to take the sting out of the throwaway remark, but it’s still ruthless no matter how you slice it. I mean, she was only 23 amidst the making of her last official on-screen role for Easy A. If we want to take it back even further, she was just 20 during She’s The Man, a movie that Bynes fought for Channing Tatum to be in and has since inspired a gender-swapped remake on Netflix’s movie lineup. The actress wouldn’t name any names for the one responsible for the “monster” comment. But the culprit is seemingly one amongst the several collaborators she has worked with in her 14-year career.

Whatever or whoever the case may be, the revelation comes on the heels of her conservatorship case moving forward. Amanda Bynes in fact has updated her Instagram followers about the slow process of her face tattoo removal and a hair color alteration ahead of the next court hearing slated for March 22. That's where a judge will decide whether or not to end the legal arrangement for good. (And contrary to what some people evidently believe, Bynes doesn’t need “good” lighting or those new changes to look great.)

Freedom certainly looks good (and unclothed) for Britney Spears. Ever since her own conservatorship concluded, the pop singer has been candid that she is not listening to the naysayers anymore. Perhaps Amanda Bynes won’t either, should the legal system be in her favor.

Lauren Vanderveen
Lauren Vanderveen

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