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Amanda Bynes Reveals Hair Change And Face Tattoo Update Ahead Of Conservatorship Hearing

For nearly nine years, the health and finances of former child actor Amanda Bynes has been overseen by a conservatorship and, by proxy, her mother Lynn as the conservator. Bynes was held under a psychiatric hold just prior to the legal arrangement in 2013, due to the star exhibiting concerning behavior (which has been attributed to a combination of substance abuse and mental health issues). However, the Easy A actor has lately filed to end the conservatorship for good – and she revealed a significant hair change and face tattoo update ahead of an important hearing in court.

As many fans will remember, the majority of Amanda Bynes’ early career saw her in varying degrees of brown to highlighted hair. It would only be later in the midst of her public struggles, that she would shockingly switch things up – going from platinum white to the more recent ombre style. The actress shared on her newly instated Instagram account that she’s since treated her hair to a basic black coloring, along with confirming that she is in the process of removing her notorious heart face tattoo. See the new hair and slowly fading tat below (be quick, Bynes is known to frequently delete her posts):

The flurry of tweaks to the Nickelodeon icon’s appearance come on the heels of a future hearing concerning her conservatorship. The court date, slated for March 22, will reportedly see a decision made as to whether or not the actress is indeed as fit to handle her own affairs as she believes. Last year, the court actually ruled to extend the arrangement until 2023, with he lawyer, David Esquibias, stating that the timing was “not right at the moment” to end the conservatorship.

Clearly, though, Amanda Bynes and her team believe the timing is now right. Her mother and father apparently fully support her desire to end the conservatorship. She has reportedly been sober since her 2019 relapse, and her parents have indicated that they and her doctors have long been working toward the goal of Bynes’ independence. They also added that the recent filing had nothing to do with Britney Spears’ success ending her own conservatorship for good.

Yet, the publicity surrounding the pop singer’s conservatorship ordeals and later freedom certainly bode in Amanda Bynes’ favor. Britney Spears has been frank about how she felt abandoned by several members of her family amidst the arrangement. Bynes seemingly has had the support of both her parents on that account.

Regardless, it took several documentaries, an outraged fanbase and a few months in and out of court before Britney Spears’ conservatorship was nullified. It isn’t clear if Amanda Bynes will find an immediate solution in court, but what is clear is that she is willing to make a few changes in preparation for it.

Lauren Vanderveen
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