Amy Schumer Had To Explain That An Oscars Bit Was Choreographed After Backlash (But One Other Moment Definitely Wasn’t)

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The Academy Awards has been known for presenters to stage their own comedy to poke fun at the nominees. However, it can be hard to tell for audience members what is staged and what is improvised. Presenters of the 2022 Academy Award Winners, like comedians Amy Schumer and Chris Rock, got a lot of attention. After receiving backlash for a joke she played on nominee Kirsten Dunst, Schumer explained that this particular joke was choreographed, whereas what went on with  her after Rock's incident with Will Smith definitely wasn’t.

On Amy Schumer’s Instagram story, she tagged Kirsten Dunst in a post that she appreciates Dunst’s fans for defending her, but that it was a choreographed bit they were both included in. She explained that she would never disrespect a “queen” like that.

Instagram post of Amy Schumer tagging Kirsten Dunst in an Oscars explanation

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The moment Amy Schumer is referring to was when she made a flabbergasted Kirsten Dunst get out of her chair to sit across from her partner Jesse Plemons, as she "thought" that Dunst was a seat-filler. Fans were raging on social media that they felt bad for the Power of the Dog star, and that this joke was not at all funny. Luckily, both women were in on the joke and there are no hard feelings.

In the next photo, Amy Schumer is seen entering the ceremony moments after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage. She implied that this moment was not at all choreographed and made sure to bring the room together. Schumer thanked her dress designer, Oscar De La Renta, her assistant and personal trainer Harley Pasternak for making her feel strong in her Spider-Man outfit Oscar bit, which had happened before what went down between Smith and Rock.

Amy Schumer entering the Oscars ceremony after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

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After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for joking about his wife’s bald look, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in King Richard. He gave a passionate acceptance speech while in tears about the honor of being able to play Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Smith also indirectly apologized for his actions that took place before winning the award. A day later, this Academy Award-winner formally apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him. This was a moment that left those in their seats and those watching at home in a state of confusion and shock.

Various celebrities had something to say about that particular moment that has everyone talking.The original Aunt Viv in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Janet Hubert, reacted to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock by saying she believed that the actions of both people were wrong, but was proud of Smith for his intentions. Bruce Almighty actor Jim Carrey, on the other hand, was sickened by Will Smith, saying that he had no right to go up on stage and slap Chris Rock for what he said. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will do about this incident. This will definitely go on someone’s list for Most Controversial Oscar Moments. 

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