Anne Heche Died With No Will. What’s Going On With Her Estate

Anne Heche stands with a content look, while Thomas Jane holds her face in his hands in The Vanished.
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The recent tragic death of Anne Heche is still felt deeply by her family and friends. As all who knew her are still grieving, this fresh emotional wound is still proceeding through the healing process. Unfortunately, a new legal development has complicated the matter of the late actor’s estate, as Heche apparently died without a will to instruct how to handle her personal affairs. 

According to documents reviewed by Page Six, Anne Heche’s 20 year-old son Homer Laffoon has filed a request with Los Angeles Superior Court to posthumously correct this matter. In his filing, Homer not only is seeking to be named the administrator to Heche’s estate, he wants to be recognized as the guardian to Atlas, his younger brother. 

An October 11th hearing is scheduled to evaluate this request, and it’s been noted that the estimated worth of Anne Heche’s estate will need to undergo forensic accounting. This crucial step comes as a result of the fact that it’s currently unknown how much the I Know What You Did Last Summer star was worth upon her death.

The result of multiple car crashes and a fire hospitalizing Anne Heche days earlier, her official passing was after a prolonged period of time that saw her comatose and on life support. Due to California law, Heche had to be declared dead twice, which led to some confusion in the reporting that ensued. 

While there’s no official will documenting Anne Heche’s wishes for her estate, it seems that there was enough knowledge available to make crucial post-life decisions. Homer Laffoon’s recent remarks acknowledging that Heche’s final resting place burial at the Hollywood Forever cemetery was a choice she would have approved of would suggest that level of information is present. 

So would the fact that Anne Heche’s organs were donated upon her passing, before her remains were cremated. All of that being said, it appears that the only piece of Heche’s wishes not addressed was how to distribute her estate. At this time, there doesn’t seem to be any challengers to Homer Laffoon’s request, with legal due process serving as the next logical step. 

In the wake of the grief shared between Homer and his father Coleman Laffoon, these unexpected events will provide some legal hurdles to navigate, amid the sorrow and loss felt by Anne Heche’s friends and loved ones. For now, we’ll just have to wait for the eventual updates to the ongoing situation surrounding Anne Heche’s estate. Here’s hoping that whatever happens next is resolved to the satisfaction of her family, allowing all involved to gain closure.  

October 11th’s hearing seems to be when we should expect such developments to proceed, and CinemaBlend will break that news as it happens. Once again, we’d like to wish Heche’s friends, family, and colleagues our deepest sympathies, as they grieve over this untimely loss. 

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