Anne Heche’s Son Explains The Reasoning Behind Her Final Resting Place

Anne Heche in I Know What You Did Last Summer
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The public is still reeling from the shocking death of actress Anne Heche. It’s been weeks since her car crash occurred, which sent the talent to the hospital and eventually resulted in her passing. Despite the high emotions involved (and various allegations being made), Heche’s son Homer Laffoon recently explained the reasoning behind her final resting place.

Anne Heche was a mother of two boys, whom she had with former husband Coleman Laffoon. While the two divorced back in 2009, they still co-parented sons Homer and Atlas. And while the late actress was cremated on August 18th, her place of burial will be none other than the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Per E! News Homer opened up about the reasoning behind this site in a statement, which reads:

My brother Atlas and I want to thank Tyler, Noelle and all the amazing people at Hollywood Forever for their kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit. We are convinced our Mom would love the site we have chosen for her. It's beautiful, serene and she will be among her Hollywood peers.

How touching. Anne Heche’s talents have been celebrated by fans since her passing, thanks to some of her most iconic roles being available to stream. And it sounds like her final resting place will be somewhere where Heche will be among peers from the industry. Seems like an appropriate way to honor the late actress, whose passing has been such a sobering shock for all.

Aside from being an appropriate place to honor Anne Heche and her work in the entertainment industry, Homer Laffoon also revealed another sweet reason why he’s happy that his late mother found a resting place in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery: because it hosts events. As he put it,

Most importantly, Hollywood Forever is a living place, where people attend movies and concerts and other events. She was our Mom, but the kindness and the outpouring of the past few days reminded us that she also belongs to her fans, to the entertainment community, and now, to the ages.

Talk about a powerful message. While Anne Heche’s death is truly a tragedy, it’s comforting to know that she’s being honored in death in this way. Especially because her two sons seem so thrilled about where Heche’s remains were ultimately placed. Hopefully this offers a sense of closure in this otherwise unimaginable situation.

A number of people have spoken out since Anne Heche’s death on August 12th, and copies of her biography are selling for hundreds of dollars. While some folks were holding out hope that she would recover from the injuries sustained in her car crash, that ultimately wasn’t the case. And those who knew the late actress want to make sure her memory is preserved and honored. Luckily that’s exactly what’s happening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

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