Another Protection Order Has Been Filed Against Ezra Miller, But The Flash Actor Still Hasn't Been Located

Ezra Miller ominously looking up in a snowy environment in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.
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Ezra Miller has been the center of multiple controversies in recent months. Miller was arrested multiple times in Hawai’i earlier this spring, once for disorderly conduct and then a second time later for assault. Now it appears that Miller is getting hit with another 1,2, punch, as they’re going to be served with a second order of protection, if anybody can find Miller to serve the papers.

According to The Daily Beast, The family of a 12-year-old nonbinary child have been granted a temporary harassment prevention order in Greenfield, Massachusetts after the actor allegedly menaced the family and acted inappropriately toward the child.

This order follows one that has been filled by the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes who claim the actor has used violence, drugs, and other methods in order to “hold sway” over their child since they were 12. Tonaka Iron Eyes has responded to the claims via social media and says that Miller is not guilty of these accusations.

The Daily Beast spoke with the mother and the 12-year-old in question and also was able to view text messages and photos which it says corroborate parts of what is claimed in the protection order. 

The alleged incident took place in early February at the home of somebody who is friends with a bandmate of Ezra Miller. Miller was apparently wearing a bulletproof vest during the evening. Later in the evening, a conversation about board games allegedly set Miller off and they opened their jacket to reveal a gun.

From there Miller allegedly began giving the child, then 11-years-old, a lot of attention, pestering them with compliments. The child told The Daily Beast…

It was really uncomfortable. I was really nervous. I was scared to be around them after [they’d] yelled at my mother and she was crying.

Ezra Miller later apologized for their outbursts, but they reportedly continued to visit the family in April, May, and then again earlier this month. The family has not heard from Miller since the news about Tokata Iron Eyes broke.

Ezra Miller has gone entirely silent following the initial protection order. They deleted their Instagram account and the courts have been unable to serve these protection orders because Miller has not been located.

While people continue to try to locate Ezra Miller, eyes also have to be on Warner Bros. right now. The actor recently starred in the third Fantastic Beasts movie and while it’s unclear if that franchise has a future with or without Miller, The Flash is set to open a year from now. While the studio claims there was no discussion of replacing Miller following the first arrest. Quite a lot has happened since then.

Of course, replacing Miller as The Flash would be quite a task considering they are the star of the film. That hasn’t stopped some from calling for just that to happen and some fans to suggest possible replacements as The Flash. Even the incidents in Hawai’i and these recent protection order were not the start of Miller’s public problems. Back in 2020 video emerged of Miller choking a woman

Even if all Miller’s current legal issues are resolved by then, and there’s certainly no guarantee that will be the case, there will likely still be a lot of questions about them when the promotion for The Flash gets rolling. 

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