Blake Lively Made A Custom Cat Pancake, And I Am Equal Parts Impressed And Horrified

Blake Lively on The Tonight Show
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Blake Lively is a woman of many talents. Not only can she impress audiences with her incredible acting ability, but she bakes in a rather unique fashion. Her recent hand at baking came from making a custom cat pancake that will leave you both impressed and horrified at the same time.

The 35-year-old actress wakes up in her Bedford, New York house with husband Ryan Reynolds and their three daughters- James, Inez, and Betty. This supermom showed off her impressive cooking skills in an Instagram story flipping a very large and unusually black pancake with the caption “Don't tell a Virgo they can't make a custom cat pancake even when they have no tools and no time…”

Blake Lively's custom cat pancake

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With Virgos known for their perfectionist nature, it’s no wonder Lively put a lot of commitment into this odd-looking pancake. In the video, the pancake is flipped in slow motion and an impressive cat drawing is revealed on the other side. She used black, pink, and yellow pancake batter to draw out all of the cat’s distinct details. At the end of the video, she joked “You come for me and I will cat you." Working so hard on a project like that, you’d be afraid to eat it!

This celebrity homemaker has tried her hand at food preparation before. She’s made a Great British Bake Off handshake-worthy cake that she decorated for her sister’s birthday. It featured a gold and sparkly horn in the center with two gold and white ears. The cake was also surrounded by color candy flowers, stars, and pearls as well as false eyelashes for the pink unicorn. Now, that’s dedication. 

Juggling being a mother and an actress may not be easy, but The Rhythm Section actress and her Green Lantern co-star have been able to make it work. This often-googled celebrity couple decide to split the work up so they can be with their three kids. Considering Lively and Reynolds don’t make movies at the same time, it's easier to act as a unit as long as everyone’s together. She does a great job of keeping her husband on track as she seemingly runs the show. Plus, it helps a lot to have a partner divide up the tasks of taking care of three daughters.

Other than baking unique works of edible art, she will be starring in the comic book adaptation film Lady Killer. After her success directing a Taylor Swift music video, she’ll be making her directorial debut by filming another graphic novel adaptation called Seconds about a head chef who creates more problems as she tries to fix them. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie release schedule so you can be up to date on the latest film projects Blake Lively has to offer.  

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