Blake Lively Shares A Funny ‘Tell Me You’re Pregnant Without Telling Me You’re Pregnant’ Post Ahead Of Birth Of 4th Child

Blake Lively at Women's Summit 2022.
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Being a celebrity comes with a ton of attention from the public, and this can increase when you become part of a Hollywood power couple. One prime example of this is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who have won over fans for their mutual sense of humor and true love/respect. Their family is once again growing, as they’re expecting their fourth child. And Lively recently shared a funny “tell me you’re pregnant without telling me you're pregnant” post ahead of the new baby’s birth. Because of course she did.

As previously mentioned, fans are constantly getting a kick out of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s relationship. This is partly because they both have A+ game on social media, which sometimes includes poking fun at each other. Most recently Lively shared a recent lunch she had, which was seemingly influenced by some pregnancy-related cravings. Check it out for yourself below, courtesy of her Instagram Story.

Blake Lively's Instagram Story

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Is anyone else suddenly hungry? That is one heaping sandwich, and Blake Lively definitely deserves it considering she’s currently pregnant and taking care of three small children. And she’s got some recommendations for fans looking to seek out this same exact order, including some modifications. Hey, she knows what she wants.

The above post was shared to Blake Lively’s whopping 37 million followers on Instagram. She shared her latest pregnancy craving with those fans, namely a sandwich called The Rachel from Stein’s Market & Deli in New Orleans— although she made it her best from home. It typically comes with hot pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut on rye bread with Russian dressing, although Lively’s got two simple mods. As you can read in the caption, she recommends crispy meat and bread. Excuse me while I order some lunch.

While Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds originally maintained their privacy related to the pregnancy, they subtly revealed the news at a red carpet appearance Since then the Gossip Girl icon has been sharing glimpses of her growing baby bump, to the delight of fans. One of these updates included a seriously wild hair day she had, blaming Reynolds and other loved ones for not telling her. And I’ve got to assume that more hilarious updates will be coming as she gets closer to her due date.

Aside from their personal lives, fans are also super invested in the professional careers of both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Lively currently has three projects in development or pre-production, and will no doubt be a resource for her husband and he gets to work on Deadpool 3. Obviously fans are absolutely rabid for that threequel, which is one of the most hotly anticipated upcoming Marvel movies. That blockbuster will hit theaters on November 8th, 2024, so there’s still going to be quite a wait. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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