Jennifer Lopez Explains How This Is Me…Then Prophesized Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

Bennifer has been one of the celebrity couples people have always had their eyes on (even when they weren’t together). The timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Benn Affleck’s relationship is complex and long, and it turns out, Lopez’s album from 2002 “This Is Me…Then” kind of predicted the twists and turns of the power couple's story. 

Lopez was talking about her relationship with Affleck and how he helped her name the album back in '02. She explained he had said when she looks back on the album, she’ll be saying “This is me, then.” While talking about the 20th anniversary of her album, she explained to Apple Music the prophetic nature of it, saying: 

I decided to call it This Is Me…Then, this moment in time was captured of finding your kind of soul mate in that time. And it’s all there. When I listen to the lyrics now I didn’t realize I was writing some of our story that would happen, which was sick. Like “Still” and some other records on there that were more obvious about Ben. Even records that were kind of a breakup records. I didn’t even realize that it was kind of prophetic in a weird way.

The album features songs that are clearly about Affleck like “Dear Ben,” and there are others about how happy she was like “Baby I Love U!” and “I’m Glad.” She also noted there are sadder songs on the album that ended up foreshadowing the next 20 years for the couple. 

The couple ended their engagement in 2004, and Lopez recognized the fact that there are some breakup songs on the album. In the same interview, she revealed that breaking up with Affleck was her biggest heartbreak. She explained that she couldn’t even perform This Is Me…Then because it was too painful because the album was all about her relationship with the Good Will Hunting star and how he was (and still is) the love of her life. 

The Maid in Manhattan star said she felt like she “was going to die” after breaking up with Affleck, and said she spiraled for the “next 18 years.” It’s really wild to think that the album she wrote while with her now husband, low-key predicted the next two decades of their lives. 

Now, 18 years after their breakup, and a few marriages and kids later, they are happier than ever, and JLo is releasing a new album, aptly titled This is Me…Now all about her current relationship with Affleck. Some of the tracks include titles that harken back to This is Me…Then like “Dear Ben pt. II” and others show how in love the two are like “Can’t Get Enough” and “Mad In Love.” 

It really does seem like Affleck and JLo are super happy, though the singer has admitted getting back with your ex is not something she’d recommend to everyone. The two spent Thanksgiving together this year, and the “Jenny from the Block” singer posted some adorable photos of them celebrating with family. Also, Lopez and Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner seem to have a good relationship, as JLo is now the stepmother of her kids. So all seems well in the world of Bennifer.

While “This is Me…Then” seemed to prophesize JLo and Affleck’s relationship, I wonder if they had any ideas about where their careers would go over the years they were apart? They both went on to have super successful careers, and now not only do they seem content together, they’re also just as busy as ever. JLo has her upcoming album and a few movies in the works, and Affleck is busy with a few films on the 2023 movie schedule

I’m curious to see if Lopez’s new album ends up predicting the next 20 years of Bennifer’s relationship, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the two’s upcoming projects. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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