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Brandon Lee’s Family Responds To Alec Baldwin’s Fatal Set Accident

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News of the tragedy surrounding Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust swept across Hollywood and the media. The unfortunate incident led to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins losing her life, and director Joel Souza suffering a serious injury. For many viewers, the accident was reminiscent of a very public incident involving the late actor Brandon Lee. The similarities between the two accidents not only alarmed moviegoers but the family of the late actor as well. Upon hearing the tragic news, Lee’s family responded to Alec Baldwin’s fatal set accident.

Of course, the situation was all too familiar for the Lee family. The late Crow star’s family took to Twitter after learning about the unfortunate set accident. Having similarly lost her brother Brandon Lee, Shannon Lee used the opportunity to send her condolences to Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza’s families. Check out Lee’s full tweet below:

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Brandon Lee’s family seemed to be reliving the tragic incident that took away the actor over three decades ago. For those unfamiliar with Lee’s death, the rising star was nearing the end of shooting his breakthrough film The Crow when tragedy struck. Lee was fatally shot on the set by his co-star Michael Massee during a scene after a prop gun was improperly loaded with dummy bullets. Much like Halyna Hutchins, Lee was rushed to the hospital but ended up passing from his injury. So, hearing similar news didn’t sit well with the actor’s family.

Brandon Lee’s sister Shannon voicing her thoughts on better set protocol spoke volumes. Having gone through her brother’s tragic incident, she couldn’t help but sympathize with Halyna Hutchins’ family. Losing a loved one in a tragic moment while doing their job would be devastating for anyone. Of course, no one understood that more than the Lee family.

The Rust on-set accident in some ways mirrored the one from The Crow. While rehearsing for a scene in New Mexico, Alec Baldwin holding a prop gun when it misfired. Unfortunately, the bullet ended up striking both Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza. Hutchins was shot fatally shot in the stomach, similarly to Lee, with Souza hit in the shoulder. After the accident, the production was shut down while the Santa Fe County police are currently investigating to see if any charges will be filed.

The unfortunate moment marked a rise in safety concerns in Hollywood. Before the tragic incident took place, it had been announced that Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles joined the film last week. Even after all this time, the tragic death of Brandon Lee still serves as a reminder about implementing proper safety protocols on film sets. Hopefully, there will be more information about the accident as more news develops. We here at CinemaBlend send our condolences to Halyna Hutchins’ family as well as a speedy recovery to Joel Souza.

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