Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Shares Her Summer Of ‘Self Discovery,’ Advice Daughter Scout Gave Her In Wake Of ‘Grief’

Bruce Willis in Split
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Back in March, it was announced that Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with a medical condition called aphasia and he would be stepping away from his Hollywood career. As Willis’ lives with the medical disorder, which affects one’s ability to communicate through speech and language, his wife Emma Heming Willis is being open about dealing with grief and one piece of advice one of her husband’s daughters once told her. 

Bruce Willis’ wife took to Instagram on Tuesday to share what she’s been up to as of late. The model and actress called this season the “summer of self discovery” for herself as she deals with often “paralyzing” grief. Check out her recent social media post: 

Emma Heming Willis has been getting into a lot of hobbies recently, showing she’s been exercising, doing a lot of yard work and backyard renovation in the video alongside touching upon the grief advice she’s been told lately in the wake of her husband’s health struggles. She revealed that her step-daughter, Scout LaRue Willis, who is Willis’ second child with Demi Moore, told her this: 

Grief is the deepest and purest form of love.

Bruce Willis’ wife spoke to her journey of “learning to live alongside” grief for National Grief Awareness Day. She shared the advice in hopes it might “comfort” someone else dealing with feelings of loss as well. 31-year-old Scout LaRue Willis commented on her step-mother’s post, calling it “beautiful” and expressed feeling “proud” of her. 

Unfortunately, once she opened up about grief on social media, she shared a wave of negative messages she received in response. One person called her a “drama queen” whereas another insinuated it’s what she “signed up for” in marrying a man over 20 years older than her. After sharing the messages, she posted these words to her story: 

My gawd. But in the words of the great, philosophical, and insightful Bruce Willis… ‘Ah, fuck ‘em.’

Since it was announced Bruce Willis would be retiring from acting, he has received an outpouring of support from the industry. The actor does a number of upcoming movies on the way, but as his attorney recently clarified, Willis’ recent work was the result of him wanting to work and being able to do so at the time. CinemaBlend spoke to his Live Free or Die Hard co-star Justin Long about Willis’ retirement, who also offered words of support in the wake of the news. 

As the subject of Bruce Willis’ retirement and recent medical diagnosis continues to be talked about, it’s important to acknowledge that not only the Die Hard actor is actively dealing with it, but also his close family, including his wife and five daughters as well. 

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