Bruce Willis’ Wife Shared A Sweet Father’s Day Post With A Family Photo

I am 100% here for the love train that Emma Heming Willis is bringing to social media for her husband, and all-around appreciated movie star,  Bruce Willis. It’s a wonderful window into the life that the couple and their extended family live away from the screen that beamed towering images of Willis for decades. And in these shots – whether Bruce Willis is appreciating the floral blooms in his family’s neighborhood or relaxing against a log with his wife in the wilderness – the A-lister looks as happy as can be with his decision to retire from acting, and spend quality time with his loved ones.

Which is exactly where we find Bruce Willis in the latest photo shared to Emma Heming Willis’ Instagram. The Die Hard hero can be seen at the bottom of a family dogpile for a photo and message dedicated to Father’s Day. Enjoy this sweet moment, fans.

No matter how big Bruce Willis ended up getting in Hollywood – and for  a time, he was the highest paid actor in the history of the industry – the man always put family first. When married to Demi Moore, the two had three beautiful daughters. He and Emma Heming added two more girls to the mix following their marriage. And Willis has always showered them with love and attention, reflected in the emotional messages they posted about him following his diagnosis with aphasia and decision to retire from acting.

The news of Bruce Willis’ retirement has been tough for fans to swallow. At 67 years of age, the actor still had several years of worthy performances in front of him had he been able to continue his career at the level of which he desired. But Emma Heming Willis’ candid posts about her husband’s struggles with the language disorder that affects one’s ability to properly communicate make it clear that the tools necessary for acting no longer operate for Willis. It’s time for him to hang it up. 

As the photo above suggests, though, that doesn’t mean things are necessarily worse for Willis. The man looks positively ecstatic being surrounded by the ladies in his life, and as Emma Heming states, the family “adores” their husband and father. Father’s Day is meant to be a time of celebration, and the Willis clan appears to be doing just that. 

Bruce Willis might not be making any upcoming movies, but there will always be a reason to honor the work that he did. Die Hard director John McTiernan will be heading to London in a few weeks for an inaugural action movie film festival that will show both Die Hard and Predator (hopefully answering, once and for all, whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie). In the meantime, scan your favorite streaming services, as they always have a selection of Willis classics ready to watch.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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