Cameron Diaz Went Full Something About Mary In Adorable Video Promoting Her Wine

Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary
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It’s been a hot minute since Cameron Diaz has worked on a film, but Netflix has been blasting some true Diaz classics lately with the Shrek franchise holding steady on their top 10 list recently. The Vanilla Sky actress is channeling a different of her iconic roles in a recent video, as she goes full There’s Something About Mary in a funny promo for her wine Avaline

Cameron Diaz pretty much quit making movies in Hollywood close to a decade ago and started her own wine company a few years later. It had a slow start, but Avaline has now sold a whole lot of wine and it looks like Diaz is trying a new promotion method for the product.

In a new Instagram post by comedian Benito Skinner, you can see Skinner making the trek to Cameron Diaz’s house with some Avaline wine and showing up in a get-up reminiscent of There’s Something About Mary. You can check out the clever promo video for Avaline wine below:

There is so much to unpack here. First of all, how many references can you catch in the promo video? I count one for Shrek, as Cameron Diaz is met with a line from the film’s meme-worthy Smash Mouth theme song “I’m a Believer” as she answers the door. Of course, there are plenty for There’s Something About Mary, most noticeable the red dress with blonde bangs sticking straight up that both Diaz and her houseguest wears. 

The “hair gel” bangs sticking straight up on Cameron Diaz is absolutely iconic, and it was probably the number one stand-out moment in There’s Something About Mary, as well as a huge comedic moment in Diaz’s career. There’s really no wonder why she chose this look to create here.

I am absolutely living for that iMDB scroll, though! Cameron Diaz scrolls through her film history and some photos from There’s Something About Mary in the video. Her co-star Ben Stiller makes an appearance, and I can’t get over the long hair and braces on him. 

It’s been well over 20 years since There’s Something About Mary, and Cameron Diaz looks amazing. There’s certainly something about Diaz, because she doesn’t look too much older than her 24-year-old self in the film, even though she is a little over double that age now. 

Fans are loving the video, and it sure is a huge blast from the past. It’s all love in the comment section of the video, some fans even saying they are committed to buying the wine. Clearly, the video was successful in both producing some laughs and promoting Avaline. 

While this hilarious promo was a little out of the box compared to what Cameron Diaz usually does with Avaline, the former actress does regularly post about the wine and even demonstrates some recipes featuring the wine. Don’t worry, no “hair gel” is used for the recipes and is strictly limited to her There’s Something About Mary look recreation. If you’re more into the OG “hair gel” look, There’s Something About Mary can be streamed with a Hulu subscription with the Starz add-on.

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