Chris Evans Brought His Muscles To The Lightyear Red Carpet And Twitter Is Steamed Up

For a company that makes family-oriented products, Disney certainly has an arms race going when it comes to premiere carpet thirst traps. Moon Knight's Oscar Isaac heated up some premieres previously this year, and now MCU vet/current Space Ranger Chris Evans is taking the torch. At the big debut of his upcoming movie Lightyear, Evans brought his muscles to the party, and Twitter is steamed up over it all. 

The El Capitan Theatre hosted the star studded event honoring Disney/Pixar’s latest motion picture. With the Lightyear cast on hand, the world’s eyes were on Hollywood, though as you’ll see in the photo below, a majority of them were trained on this Evans-centric smoke show. 

Chris Evans Pointing

(Image credit: Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

This man is out of this world. I mean, who looks like this? In no time flat Chris Evans has gone from America's Ass in Avengers: Endgame to America's Astronaut, thanks to Lightyear casting him as the "real" Buzz Lightyear. As for the confident gesture that Evans is giving to the camera? That's a man that's going to defeat Zurg, and then come home to a captive audience to tell the tale.

But seriously, the looks we're seeing from Evans here are reminiscent of that time Oscar Isaac had us all questioning whether loose and casual or formal with a skirt was the better look. If you needed more evidence to fully weigh that debate in your mind, then you're in luck. There's another photo below that shows Chris Evans on the Purple Carpet, making a case for Team Casual Daddy. 

Chris Evans Smiling

(Image credit: Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage)

Don't take my word for it though, as Lightyear's looks have sent the internet into a bit of a thirsty spiral. User “flaminghotcevans” starts us off with a very specific request for Chris Evans. Looking back at those premiere photos, I can kind of see where this person’s oddly specific request is coming from:


It’s amazing to think back to how just a couple years ago we were just chilling, obsessing over Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweater. Now, one Disney movie later, we’re all going feral with the fact that the gun show is back in town. As user “HoliH1" points out in this next tweet, productivity might be taking a crash landing this morning:

Can someone ask #ChrisEvans' biceps to please be quiet? I have work to do and they're a distraction!

You think this distraction takes away from trying to work? Imagine if this distraction was part of your work? This bombshell from Lightyear’s main event isn’t just a domestic phenomenon. No, this is something that crosses borders, as user “ggiioorrggiia_” tweeted out a message that reads beautifully in both the original Italian, and its English translation:

Ammirando intensamente queste foto di Chris Evans. (Intensely admiring these photos of Chris Evans).

User “safeforchris” is probably speaking for a lot of Chris Evans fans in this respect. The intensity of the fandom is out in force this morning, and it’s probably not going to go away until after the Lightyear pandemonium has died down. Which, considering the movie opens next week, isn’t going to be any time soon; which makes this next tweet a bit more concerning:


Folks, it’s not going to do you any good to combust at this point. We are at the beginning of the journey for Lightyear, and there’s going to be tons more to cover in terms of Chris Evans. Who knows what charm we’re going to see, or what future outfits Evans will wear, to spark even more crystallic fusion reactions among his stans? The point is, we've got more upcoming Chris Evans movies to enjoy, so pace yourselves Space Rangers. 

Disney/Pixar's Lightyear flies into theaters on June 17th, so check out the quick facts to know about this Toy Story spinoff. As for you Chris Evans fans out there, you'll be please to know that those biceps will be squaring off against Ryan Gosling's ripped form in The Gray Man, which is set on the 2022 Netflix movies schedule for a July release. And now that premiere is going to require A LOT more photographers than planned.

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