Chris Hemsworth Just Sold His Fitness App And Its Valuation Is As Impressive As His Physique

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok
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Chris Hemsworth is known for showing off his musclebound physique in movies like Thor and Extraction, but his shredded abs aren’t his only impressive feature. The native Aussie has sold his fitness app to a private company, and let’s just say the payout number has lots and lots of zeroes. 

Bloomberg has reported that Chris Hemsworth recently sold his app Centr to HighPost Capital, a private equity firm helmed by Mark Bezos (younger brother to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) and David Moross. Even including debts, Chris Hemworth’s digital fitness platform had an impressive valuation rate of over $200 million. 

HighPost also purchased the brand Inspire Fitness, which manufactures gym equipment like free weights, cardio machines, rowing devices, and more. David Moross revealed the company’s intention to combine Inspire Fitness with Centr in order to help users ‘ replicate the gym experience at home.’ The app is fairly popular in America and Australia, but new efforts will attempt to expand its reach. Chris Hemsworth called his latest business deal a ‘melding of minds’ and expressed a desire to make fitness outreach ‘a main focus.’ He remains a shareholder in Centr and has the second largest stake behind HighPost. 

Centr already has over 200,000 subscribers (many of which joined during quarantine), but early estimates are predicting that those numbers will hit 700,000 or more in just a few years. Given the fact that Chris Hemsworth has more than 85 million Instagram followers who frequently check in with his new workouts, that’s probably a safe bet. 

The Centr app, created by Chris Hemsworth in 2019, was designed to provide a resource for users seeking to broaden their knowledge of health and fitness. The app includes personalized fitness regimens, nutrition guides and meal plans, stress reduction techniques, and access to a global community of like-minded fitness junkies. According to the app’s website, Chris Hemsworth hired a team of health experts from around the world to create a customizable fitness experience. Notable names include his wife Elsa Pataky, who spearheads several Centr workouts. 

In addition to Centr, Chris Hemsworth often shares workouts and fitness tips on his social media profiles. Many of his training videos offer behind-the-scenes looks at his exercise regimens for his films, especially for entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that require him to display Thor’s signature six-pack. His workouts may not give his fans the ability to lift Mjølnir, but they will help anyone looking to work on their fitness levels and test out celebrity-approved meal plans. 

You can catch Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder when the long-awaited Marvel sequel hits theaters on July 8, 2022. In the meantime, you can check out the rest of Marvel’s Phase Four releases or take a peek at these other upcoming movies

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