Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless Co-Star Describes His ‘Obscene’ Fitness Regimen For Extraction 2

Over the years, if you’ve watched the Marvel movies in order, you’ve seen Chris Hemsworth maintain an impeccable physique as the God of Thunder. Clearly, the actor behind the self-proclaimed “strongest Avenger” is no stranger to intense workouts and training regimes. However, according to Ross Edgley, a sports scientist and ultra-marathon swimmer who worked with Hemsworth on Limitless, the Thor actor’s training for the Extraction sequel was “obscene.” 

In an interview with our sister site Tech Radar, Edgley talked about how Hemsworth has physically prepared for Extraction 2. The actor is just coming off a year where he released two films Thor: Love and Thunder and Spiderhead as well as the Disney+ docu-series Limitless. Edgley spoke about just how hard the Thor actor worked to prepare physically for these roles, saying: 

When I was lucky enough to be on the set of Thor. Chris would do a 12-hour day's filming, and then at the end, he knew he had to do his rope conditioning [for Limitless], so he would just start disappearing up a rope. But he did something like four movies in a year – I think it was Extraction [2], Thor: Love and Thunder, Spiderhead, and [one other]. His work capacity was so big.

To any human, this seems like a lot, but when it’s the first person to swim the circumference of Great Britain explaining how wild Hemsworth's workouts are, you know it’s a physical feat. Edgley also explained, that he really admired the actor's work ethic and ability to get so much done in a day, saying: 

He bulks up and he's eating eight meals a day for Thor, then everyone’s like, ‘Oh god, we need you lean for Extraction [2], because that character's a bit more [athletic].’ So he just stopped eating so much, and then set off running half marathons to drop weight. That would leave most people in bed. It was just obscene.

Don’t let Hemsworth’s jokes about working out less fool you, because this guy is doing anything but working out less. I could never imagine casually running a half marathon, no wonder Hemsworth literally has a god-like body. And not only is he working out, but he's also maintaining strict eating habits to make sure he maintains his physique. 

Along with the actor’s physical regime being seemingly more intense than ever (especially since he was working on so many projects), the Extraction sequel is also working hard to be bigger and better than its predecessor. In a behind-the-scenes look at the action film, the director made it clear that they are upping the action in a big way for the sequel. 

Between Hemsworth’s “obscene” workout regime, and the larger-than-life action, it sounds like Extraction 2 really is taking it to the next level, and will be an epic movie. However, we'll have to wait a bit to see it, action-packed sequel is on the 2023 movie schedule. In the meantime be sure to watch the OG Extraction with a Netflix subscription. You can also check out Hemsworth in the Marvel movies as Thor, and you can watch him truly put his body to the test in his new docu-series Limitless with a Disney+ subscription

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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