Chris Rock Explains Why He Always Thinks Of Chris Farley Whenever He Sees Adam Sandler In A Project Like Uncut Gems

Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, Chris Rock in Top Five
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December 18th will mark the 25 years since comedian Chris Farley's death. It's now become a tradition for his close friends to pay tribute to the late SNL alum on the anniversary of his passing, and this year is no different. During a two-part episode of their podcast, Dana Carvey and David Spade interviewed many guests to celebrate the late comedic actor. One of the most exciting interviews is with Top Five actor Chris Rock. During the chat, Rock revealed that when he sees Adam Sandler take on dramatic roles, like his critically acclaimed turn in Uncut Gems, it always makes him think about what the iconic Tommy Boy actor would have done had his career not been cut short. 

During his interview portion of the Fly on the Wall podcast, the legendary Bigger & Blacker comedian said he believes Chris Farley was a brilliant actor. Rock also shared why he thinks Farley could have taken on more series roles had he lived to middle age. Rock told Carvey and Spade: 

It's sad when our friend's not here, but it is curious to [think], 'Wow, what would that guy have done?' When I see Sandler in something like Uncut Gems, it's like, 'Yeah, Farley could have done that. Farley could have been in, you know…' He's literally that level of actor, and that level of, like, you just felt for that guy. OK, whatever ride Chris Farley was gonna to take me on, I was definitely ready to go on it.

I have to agree with Chris Rock. Chris Farley's career has always been a major "what if." At the time of his death, there were hardly any comedic actors as famous as he was. He had hit movies starring his longtime and possibly closest Hollywood friend, David Spade, like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. He was also set to serve as the voice of Shrek before his passing and was ultimately succeeded in the role by fellow Saturday Night Live alum Mike Myers. It has been rumored for years that Farley's take on the lovable ogre would have been much more serious than what we ultimately got from the DreamWorks' animated classic. Perhaps -- and somewhat ironically -- his first voice acting role in a children's film would have been a move toward a more dramatic career for the comedy star. 

Fly on the Wall co-host Dana Carvey says Chris Farley's sketches and cult films will live on as an example of his greatness. The Master of Disguise actor got real about what the late star's body of work tells us about his abilities as a performer. Carvey said: 

The great thing is we have data now, and when we look at his best stuff –Chris Farley's best stuff – it's the best of the best stuff. We can look at and go those 10 sketches, no one has another 10 like that. So, it's great that we got to see his greatness. And I think Tommy Boy really captured a lot of Chris. It's great that we have some data on how brilliant and lovable he was.

Chris Farley appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1995, becoming a fan favorite with his iconic characters such as Matt Foley, the motivational speaker, and his adorably awkward celebrity interviews for The Chris Farley Show. Farley also found big laughs with other sketches, including the one that saw him peform a Chippendales routine alongside late actor Patrick Swayze. A sketch that many, including Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul Star (and past SNL writer) Bob Odenkirk, admit is not a sketch they like very much because of how it made Farley feel about himself. 

It's very common for comedic actors to take a turn for the dramatic. In recent years, Chris Rock has been very vocal about his desire to take on weirder roles like good buddy Adam Sandler, and he hopes audiences will embrace those choices. It's no wonder he's thought about what the Beverly Hills Ninja might have done with a a longer career. It's definitely an interesting and one that fans will likely ponder for years to come.

If you want to celebrate Chris Farley, you can stream one of his best comedic David Spade buddy comedies, Black Sheep, using an HBO Max subscription. For all other news and to plan your next theatre-going experience, check out CinemaBlend's 2023 new movie release schedule

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