Chris Rock’s Brother Gets Asked About His New Hollywood Romance, And He Has All The Jokes

Chris Rock in Spiral: From the Book of Saw.
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For most of the last several months Chris Rock was remaining in the headlines for getting slapped on live television. But it does look like the comedian’s luck has been changing, because he’s still making the headlines, it’s for a very different reason. And this time it's much more positive. The comedian is reportedly in a relatively new relationship with actress Lake Bell, and Chris Rock’s brother is doing what all brothers do in that situation, making fun of fun of him.

TMZ caught up with Chris Rock’s brother Tony, who has been more than willing to speak out on his brother recently, and asked him what he thought of the fact that Chris was in the news due to his relationship. Tony says he’s very happy, because the fact that the media cares who his brother is dating must therefore mean that Chris Rock is considered good-looking, because if he was ugly nobody would care. Tony said…

As a brother, I’m very happy for him. Because, #1: Nobody cares who the ugly guys are dating. Nobody cares who the ugly celebrities are dating. So the fact that this is getting so much attention, I’m like damn they must think my brother’s pretty handsome. I’m happy for him to be in this new handsome light. They never put him in the handsome box before. But to give a fuck who he’s dating, he must be the handsome box now. So I’m very happy for him. And it’s a white girl so he’s extra handsome I guess. Because she’s into him too and they normally don’t like us.

Tony Rock is certainly having some fun at his brother’s expense, which is what you’d expect a brother to do. It’s clear that a strong sense of humor runs in the family and one expects that if the roles were reversed Chris Rock would be giving his brother an equally hard time. Having said that, people are always interested in celebrity relationships, especially when both people in the couple are celebrities. And Chris Rock has been in the headlines recently, potentially making people more interested in what he’s up to. Chris and Lake Bell might not be generating the headlines of Ben Affleck and JLo, but they have fans, and Rock’s fans have been very supportive of late, and those people will care. If nothing else this does show the comedian is focused on things other than the Oscars incident.

But if you’re looking for the inside scoop on the new couple, Tony Rock doesn’t have it. He admits he has yet to meet his brother’s girlfriend, and only found out about the couple the same way the rest of us did. He explains…

I haven’t met her. I’ve never heard anything. All I saw was the stuff that people are seeing in the newspapers, and seeing magazines.

One certainly hopes that Chris Rock will introduce Lake Bell to the family. It’s one of those things you’re supposed to do, right? In the end, of course, while many might not ultimately care who a celebrity is dating, one hopes that everybody looking for love finds it eventually. 

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