Creed III Screening Gets Too Real As Fight Breaks Out In Theater

The Creed III hype has been building, and midnight showings elicited a variety reactions from moviegoers. Their reactions aligned with those of reviewers, who said the fight scenes were some of the film’s best moments. However, those intense action scenes may have been too real for the audience as some viewers got into an altercation in a movie theater.

During a movie screening in France, there were some boiling tensions between two female moviegoers. Things didn’t settle down as both women began fighting soon after the end credits began rolling. Of course, the intense post-credits moment was captured and posted online by a fellow moviegoer. See what played out in the chaotic Twitter clip below.

After watching a good movie, the user seemed excited yet shocked by the fight. The chaotic energy in the filled theater was palpable as other moviegoers tried breaking up the two moviegoers. Really, the scene looked like it was from the movie. The moment was both electrifying and scary as the fight captured the attention of the remaining viewers. The Twitter user followed up the altercation with a clip showing the aftermath featuring some spilled popcorn.

As the reaction was completely in French, there’s no telling what happened between the two women as they watched friends-turned-rivals Adonis Creed and Damian Anderson battle it out in the ring. It seemed like the anger and aggression on the screen translated into real life as the moviegoers watched an unexpected post-movie fight. While it's hard to take one's eyes off it, the altercation looked both dangerous and terrifying. If others feed off that energy, it could’ve potentially spawned more fights. To go from watching a boxing movie to seeing a scene play out in real-time would be a shock for anyone who just watched swole Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors duke it out for multiple rounds.

Jonathan Majors punching Michael B. Jordan in Creed III

(Image credit: MGM)

Why Would The Moviegoers Have Fought In The First Place?

The fight seemed inspired by the actions on the big screen. However, it could’ve been more between the two moviegoers rather than feeding off the energy of the Creed II sequel. The tension between them might’ve started before even entering the cinema. They could’ve had an argument in the theater lobby or before arriving at the theater over something others weren’t privy to. Were they fighting over ticket costs? Food? Personal issues? Really it could’ve been something as simple as who deserved the armrest.

Regardless, the women seemed to have a spat during the viewing that boiled over after the credits began rolling. Maybe they were arguing over who should’ve won in Donnie and Dame’s climatic and thrilling fight. The altercation could’ve been less about the threequel and more about who was more attractive – Michael B. Jordan or Jonathan Majors. Of course, that’s expected after the thirst fans displayed online following Jordan’s viral Calvin Klein campaign and Majors’ internet-breaking Ebony magazine covers. Usually that discourse is reserved for the internet, but the two women apparently couldn’t wait until later to settle their beef.

Hopefully, the theater brawl won’t filter over to other viewings. Creed III is currently in theaters where audiences can watch Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors trade real blows in the movie. After watching the threequel, you can revisit the first two Creed installments through streaming platforms like HBO Max and Hulu. In the meantime, Jordan already confirmed Creed IV is in the works so expect more from Donnie and co. in the future.

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