Michael B. Jordan Posed In His Underwear For Calvin Klein, And Fans Are Freaking Out In The Comments

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed III
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It may only be March, but the 2023 new movie releases are about to make some parts of the world rather thirsty. I say this because star/director Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III opens this weekend, and as we’ve already seen through the reaction to photos of co-star Jonathan Majors, it’s time for Jordan to reclaim the spotlight yet again. Thanks to a new ad for Calvin Klein, fans are freaking out in the comments about how Jordan looks in his underwear, and nothing else. 

Those messages, ranging from thirst to humorous angles, can be found on Instagram, as well as the photos themselves. Yes, there are two photos, and Michael B. Jordan has shared them both on his social media profile, as shown below: 

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Just on that first image alone, you can see how commenters like “yyoconestasbarbas” would have all of the feelings about this promotion. As Creed III makes its way to theaters, it definitely won’t hurt to have people sharing their feelings, as this user did with a fitting invocation of divinity:

Mother of god

Michael B. Jordan’s character wasn’t named Adonis for no good reason. His in-universe father, the late Apollo Creed, may have been a fan of mythology, but the franchise’s star and now director has been shaping his body pretty closely to the image of that famed Greek lover. Which only leaves commenters like “gabythedreamer_” to playfully say things like this:

Babe, I'm a little bit jealous, please delete

Some filmmakers might be feeling that sort of way this weekend, although for different reasons. While Creed III’s critical response has been a bit mixed, the latest sequel in the Rocky spinoff series is poised to do big business in its opening rounds. User “retired_husband” seems to had their own version of those sentiments, as they shared this humorous request:

Can you tone it down a tad?? My girlfriend is a step closer to leaving me every time she sees this

Closing things out in this roundup are the feelings of “andrew.sanchezz.bruh,” who clicked over to that second photo of Michael B. Jordan (who recently called out a former classmate on the red carpet) and provided a fun thought. Though before I move to this final zinger, I’d like to remind you that yes, there is another picture that’ll inspire just as much thirst as the first, especially when this reaction came out to play:

2nd picture like ‘wyd, u up?’

With plans for Creed IV already in mind, Michael B. Jordan might have to pace himself with his next moves as one of the world’s sexiest men. Though the man could undoubtedly keep periodically dropping shots like these for as long as he could possibly want to, Jordan should think of the fans who adore him before doing so; if only so everyone can be allowed to catch their breath and drink some water before enjoying his next thirst trap.

Whether you want to catch up on the story of the Creed franchise or just want to look at Michael B. Jordan training to be a champion heartthrob, you’re in luck. As of March 1st, those of you with an HBO Max subscription will be able to double feature Creed and Creed II on the streaming device of your choice. It’s cutting it close, but if you time it just right, you’ll be ready for Creed III, which starts showing in early screenings this Thursday.

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