Fast And Furious 10: Following Brie Larson’s Casting, 8 Actors I’d Like To See Join The Franchise

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
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The Fast and Furious 10 cast keeps getting bigger and bigger, with additions like Jason Momoa and Brie Larson, who was welcomed to the family by Vin Diesel himself in April 2022. But, even though the final chapter in the high-octane franchise appears to be loaded with great actors, there’s always room at the table when there’s a seemingly never-ending supply of beer, as long as it’s Corona. 

With all the casting news that’s has been coming out ahead of the film’s 2023 release, I have been thinking about some of the actors who I’d like to see in the two-part finale, whether they play characters working alongside Dom Toretto and crew or step in as one of the franchise’s numerous villains. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once

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Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh has long been one of the most interesting and versatile actresses in Hollywood and abroad, and that was before her performance in the critically acclaimed mind-bender, Everything Everywhere All at Once. I mean, just look at the list of her best movies and you’ll see why she would be a good fit in Fast and Furious 10. She has experience in martial arts masterpieces like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, spy flicks like Tomorrow Never Dies, and multiple Hong Kong action comedies.

And, the great thing about Yeoh is that she is more than capable of handling her own either as a villain or protagonist who could make life interesting for the Toretto crew in their next and potentially last adventure.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller on Peacemaker

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Viola Davis

Viola Davis is no stranger when it comes to massive franchises, considering she has long been a part of the DCEU as the morally bankrupt and mission-focused Amanda Waller. Davis could come in as a shady government official and be pretty much a more sinister and less jovial version of the Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) character who could string Dom and company along.

On the flip-side, director Justin Lin could use this reputation to pull off a big bait-and-switch with Davis’ character for some great misdirection in the final act of the franchise. We’ve seen the Academy Award winner play less evil characters in the past in The Help and Widows, roles that showed she’s a force of good to be reckoned with.

Matthias Schweighöfer in Army of Thieves

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Matthias Schweighöfer

Army of Thieves breakout star Matthias Schweighöfer would also be a fun addition to the Fast and Furious franchise in its final set of adventures. In addition to already having worked with Nathalie Emmanuel in the globe-trotting heist film, Army of Thieves, the German actor who played the master safecracker Ludwig Dieter just seems perfect for Fast and Furious 10. I mean, the franchise has long had some impressive heist scenes, which is something that was the actor’s bread and butter in 2021.

It would also be fun to see Schweighöfer take on a more sinister character who plays on his natural charisma to really get into the heads of the Toretto crew. If not, it would also be funny to see him play some kind of tech whiz who has to be rescued by the heroes. Just imagine scenes featuring him and Tyrese Gibson.

Omar Sy in Netflix's Lupin

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Omar Sy

Lupin star Omar Sy is another actor I would like to see show up in Fast and Furious 10, and it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering his background. Over the years, he’s been featured in the X-Men movies, the Jurassic World franchise, and various other large-scale productions that blend action, drama, and comedy, all staples of the Fast and Furious series.

With France being a country that has yet to show up in the saga at this point, Sy could play some kind of contact who helps Dom Toretto and crew take on any one of the film’s villains. And, with his charisma and natural likability, he could become a character that is further explored in one of the proposed spin-off films.

Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has proven time and time again that she is one of the most badass actresses in Hollywood, with memorable roles in the Alien movies, the Ghostbusters franchise, and the massively successful Avatar, with more on the way. All there is left to do is add the Fast and Furious movies to that list of box office smash hits featuring the screen legend.

It doesn’t have to be a big role. Hell, it could be something as small as Weaver providing the voice for some rogue artificial intelligence that plays head games with the Toretto crew. Weaver could also step in as some new villainous mastermind who is behind all the other antagonists who have tested the Fast and Furious family all these years.

Taika Waititi in Free Guy

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Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi isn’t the first, second, or even fifth name you think of when it comes to actors who would be great in Fast and Furious 10, but he’s honestly a perfect choice. He has experience in massive productions like this with his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and movies like Free Guy and Green Lantern. Plus, his distinct sense of humor could create some hilarious interactions with other members of the cast.

Hero, villain, random lackey, it doesn’t matter, Waititi can handle it all. And since he’s not the typical action star, it would be great to see him have to take part in some of the franchise’s insane stunts

Yayan Ruhian in The Raid

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Yayan Ruhian

Fans of Gareth Evans’ The Raid are all too aware of Yayan Ruhian’s on-screen presence and capabilities in a big fight. The actor, who has also appeared in John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and multiple other action flicks, could bring a lot to the franchise, and not just in front of the camera. Ruhian is also an established fight choreographer and could help take the combat sequences in Fast and Furious 10 to the next level. 

I would want Ruhian to play something larger than a henchman character if he were to join the franchise, because he’s much more than a silent ass-kicker who could serve an ass-whooping to the Toretto crew. He has shown time and time again, especially in The Raid 2, that he can handle more emotional and complicated story arcs.

Dave Bautista in My Spy

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista has said he has no interest in joining the Fast and Furious franchise, but this is the man who stepped away from professional wrestling a couple of times and still came back. Not saying there’s a chance, but a boy can dream, right? 

If Bautista showed up in Fast and Furious 10 and immediately started going after John Cena’s Jakob Toretto like it’s the 2005 Royal Rumble all over again, then I’d down for it. Even if you throw Bautista’s connection to Cena over the rope, there’s a lot he could do with the movie, either as a hero or villain. But, come on, we all want to see Bautista play some kind of sophisticated and menacing ass-kicker who pushes the crew to their limits.

While we don't yet know who else will be joining the film's cast, there is already quite a bit we do know about the upcoming Fast and Furious 10, which is easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2023.

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