Footage Of Ezra Miller’s Hawaii Arrest Has Arrived Online

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen holding Batarang in Justice League
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It has been a difficult time for The Flash star Ezra Miller as of late. They have made headlines recently for back-to-back arrests in Hawaii within the time span of a month, suggesting that they need a support system to pull them through what appears to be a complicated period. While news of the arrests have plenty of people in the industry weighing the option of Warner Bros. replacing Miller as the lead character in the upcoming The Flash movie, other fans just want Ezra to get help – particularly after watching captured-on-video evidence of their behavior during the most recent arrest. 

TMZ has embedded video of Ezra Miller interacting with Hawaii police officers during an altercation. This is body cam video, and it shows Miller explaining to officers that they had been assaulted while in a bar, and elaborating that they begin filming themselves once this happens “for NFT crypto art.” Miller goes on to make demands of the officer that they provide their name and badge number, which you can hear the officer doing. Someone, allegedly the woman who is filming, seems to appeal to Ezra to calm down. As the video ends, Miller begins to apologize to the officers, claiming that they were complying. At one point, it appears that Miller had Nerf guns on their possession, which came with Nerf bullets. The video ends with Miller asking them to take special care of a Flash ring which “means a lot to me,” according to the DC star.

For numerous reasons, Ezra Miller’s time in the DC universe has been turbulent. We have covered in great detail the allegations of harmful behavior conducted by Joss Whedon that happened on the set of Justice League, where Miller played Barry Allen and his alter ego, The Flash. But Miller was due to get a do-over opportunity by headlining The Flash for Warner Bros. and DC. The multiversal adventure would find Barry trying to prevent his mother’s murder… unlocking the secret to travel between the multiverses. This would allow him to interact with a classic Batman (Michael Keaton) and introduce Supergirl (Sasha Calle) to the on-screen universe. 

All of this is hinted at in the film’s recent trailer:

But many wonder if Ezra Miller’s altercations with the law will prompt the studio to step in and address their behavior. It has to be complicated for the studio to plan how to market and promote a massive superhero blockbuster when their lead likely won’t do press so as to avoid questions about their legal issues. This might be the reason why Warner Bros. decided to push The Flash back to 2023 (instead of November of this year), giving WB executives more time to brainstorm on how to navigate these choppy waters.

What we do know, though, is that the rumors of WB replacing Ezra Miller in the movie are untrue. Also, Miller has promised that this movie will not erase the continuity established by Zack Snyder, the man who gave Miller the Barry Allen gig. We’ll have to wait for a while to see how The Flash impacts DC’s universe, but there are plenty of upcoming DC movies to keep you entertained until that movie arrives in 2023.

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