Former Sexiest Man Alive Michael B. Jordan Had A Funny Take On Chris Evans Earning The Title

Michael B. Jordan in Creed III, Chris Evans in Knives Out
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In 1985, People Magazine declared its first male celebrity male as Sexiest Man Alive, and the publication has continued that trend ever since. In recent years, many Marvel alum have held the title. Frenemies Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have earned the honor, for instance. Ant-Man star Paul Rudd was awarded the spot in 2021, only to be dethroned this year by Captain America star Chris Evans. Now, fellow MCU actor and former SMA Michael B. Jordan has shared a funny take on Evans earning the title. 

During a red carpet event, E! News caught up with Michael B. Jordan and got his thoughts regarding Evans being titled Sexiest Man Alive. The Creed III actor had plenty of praise for the Knives Out star, and there is a lot of love anytime they see each other. However, Jordan went on to explain that the achievement does have a drawback. As the star explained, whenever someone gets the crown, it opens the door for something that would likely be humorous for anyone but the honoree. Jordan explained exactly what that is, saying:

Chris is dope, that’s my guy. We’ve played the same character before, so I get it. But Chris is awesome. Whenever I see him, it’s a lot of love. You know, the people who are the Sexiest Man [Alive] … Once you got it, it’s great, but then it just gives all your boys and your friends the opportunity to talk as much shit about you as [possible], so I’m gonna talk some shit! [jokingly] … he’s alright. He’s cool.

The fellow Johnny Storm actor wasn’t the only celebrity to react to Chris Evans’ new title. The always-hilarious Taika Waititi had my personal favorite response, as he simply replied to a tweet by saying, "FUCKING BULLSHIT."  Chris Hemsworth also mentioned that the Avengers group chat collectively roasted Evans, which only proves Michael B. Jordan's point.

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson broke the news from the set of their forthcoming Christmas movie, Red One. The Gray Man actor took to Instagram to post the cover, noting that he has big shoes to fill, as he follows in the footsteps of the age-defying Paul Rudd. It’s surprising that it took People so long to give Evans the title, to be honest. He’s been a Hollywood heartthrob since he broke out onto the scene via that unforgettable whip cream scene in the 2000s cult classic comedy Not Another Teen Movie. (And who could forget that the actor stuck that banana in his butt?) Of course, since then, Evans has done other kinds of movies and TV shows.

His work aside, the star has also had a rock solid physique since he first portrayed the beloved Steve Rogers in Captain America: First Avenger (which you're likely if you’ve seen the Marvel movies in order.) All in all, Chris Evans definitely deserves to be Sexiest Man Alive, and Michael B. Jordan clearly agrees. But l'm sure he'll also have some fun busting Evans' chops now that he's taken the title from him.

If you are looking to catch the current Sexiest Man Alive in a new movie, know that he’s had multiple entries on the 2022 film schedule, including The Gray Man and Lightyear. You can also see him in all his Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances using a Disney+ subscription

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