Taika Waititi And More Have Classic Responses To Chris Evans’ Sexiest Man Alive Cover

The man following Paul Rudd’s tenure as People’s Sexiest Man Alive is none other than America’s Ass himself, Chris Evans. As a firm believer that Chris Evans is the best of the famous Chris-s, and as a long-time fan of the actor, I was thrilled to find out he was awarded the title of Sexiest Man Alive, and so were many celebrities. However, there were others who had hilariously jealous posts as well. No matter what, it's all in good fun, and it's entertaining to see such a range of celebrities (from Taika Waititi to Topher Grace) reacting to the news.

Evans and Dwayne Johnson announced the news last night from the set of their movie Red One. Then Evans took to Instagram to post the cover, noting that he has big shoes to fill following in the footsteps of Paul Rudd, but nonetheless he’ll do his best. You can check out the post here: 

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Following the post, the celebs weighed in with angry, thirsty and complimentary comments. We’ll begin with the most aggressive of the responses. Evans’ fellow  Lightyear cast member and MCU actor Taika Waititi responded in a classic way, commenting: 


I’d assume Waititi’s allegiances are with Chris Hemsworth, hence the aggression. It’s honestly on brand for the Thor: Love and Thunder director to troll like this, and it’s hilarious.  

Justin Long commented on the post too, and seemed to be all for a second term for Paul Rudd as the sexiest man alive, writing: 

Another term for Paul [Rudd] might’ve lead to tyranny - SEXY tyranny but still….

Listen, I’m with Justin to an extent, I love Paul Rudd too. However, that’s not how the rules of the Sexiest Man Alive work. Sadly Long’s Walk Hard co-star could not stay with the title.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Topher Grace, who starred alongside Evans in the 2014 rom-com Playing it Cool, was hilariously disappointed he was not awarded the title, writing: 

This morning I ran to the newsstand, holding my breath all the way that this might be the year. But no. Everyone says “Maybe next time” but you don’t know how hard it is to be this sexy and not be recognized for it. Screw you [People]

Sticking with the theme of celebrities who are bummed they didn’t get the title, Final Destination and Casper star Devon Sawa tweeted

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In a much nicer statement, but still in the same vein as Sawa and Grace, Frozen star Josh Gad commented: 

If it had to be one of us, I’m glad it was you

It wasn’t all snark and sass on social media though. Many other celebs posted their support, and thirst for the Captain America actor taking the sexiest man moniker. Evans’ Gifted co-star Octavia Spencer commented: 

They got this one right. Congratulations

Sticking with the theme of compliments, fellow hot person and MCU star Simu Liu complimented the Sexiest Man Alive with many  🥵 emojis. I’d assume this encapsulates how many, myself included, reacted to seeing the news this morning.

Back in the world of Twitter, Evans’ co-star in Avengers: Endgame Yvette Nicole Brown, posted

And we KNOW this! Hey [Chris Evans], I’ll be stopping by to get my issue autographed. Don’t act brand new like you don’t know nobody! 😂 #TwitterBae

I doubt our “handsome Ransom,” as the official Knives Out account commented, will let the title go to his head. In the announcement video, he seemed quite bashful about his new title, and it was very endearing.

I’m honestly a bit shocked it took People so long to give Evans the title in the first place. I mean if you’ve seen the Marvel movies in order, you know he’s been rockin’ a hot bod as Captain America since 2011, and was dubbed America’s Ass in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. Not to mention, he’s an activist, a dog dad to Dodger, plus he's a fashion icon who can rock a sweater, cable-knit or otherwise. So, I’d say all the flattering comments are well deserved.

If you are looking to catch 2022’s Sexiest Man Alive in a new movie, he’s had multiple entries on the 2022 film schedule, with The Gray Man and Lightyear. You can also always go back and watch America’s Ass, and now the World's Sexiest Man Alive in various Marvel movies with a Disney+ subscription

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