Dwayne Johnson Schools Chris Evans On What The Sexiest Man Alive Title Means As He Lands The Honor

Fwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise and Chris Evans in Knives Out
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It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since Paul Rudd was named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine, and yet, apparently that’s exactly how long it has been. There is a new Sexiest Man Alive in the world, and while he’s still an MCU veteran, he’s not Ant-Man, he’s Captain America. Chris Evans has been named the Sexiest Man Alive, and another holder of that title was on hand to show him the ropes: The Rock. 

The announcement of People’s Sexiest Man Alive came last night as part of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After the reveal of Evans as the winner, with a hilarious bit where John Oliver was on hand to act as another nominee, we cut to Dwayne Johnson, who earned the title in 2016, and is currently filming the Red One with Evans. Johnson congratulates Evans and helps him with his first official act as Sexiest Man Alive.          

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The bit between Johnson and Evans is pretty funny. It’s also funny that Evans, who is very politically active (he founded A Starting Point an organization focused on getting people  to become more civically engaged) decided that “go vote” was the sexy thing he wanted to say. Although, the bit with the sash falling off was decidedly un-sexy. Hopefully People won’t rescind the offer. 

I have to say I appreciate The Rock taking exception to the idea that he is a “former” Sexiest Man Alive. I always thought it was weird to come up with a new one every year since the people who get chosen don’t change that much. Although it has been more than half a decade since Dwayne Johnson got picked, perhaps he needs some sort of official review.

Chris Evans marks the third of the major MCU stars to be given the title. Prior to Paul Rudd’s win last year Chris Hemsworth was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. It’s honestly more than a little shocking that Chris Evans hadn’t won the title previously. I’m not sure anybody is going to argue that it isn’t well deserved. 

With Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson currently filming Red One, it’s looking like next year’s Prime Video movie is going to be the sexiest Christmas movie ever made. We don’t really know what Red One is about, beyond that it will be some sort of fantastical, holiday themed action adventure, but it’s got the sexiest cast alive, so it’s certainly got that much going for it. 

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