Harry Potter’s Chris Columbus Co-Signs A Director’s Cut, Reveals Cut Character He Missed

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter 1
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If I were to happen across a magical lamp that granted me 3 wishes, I’d certainly spend one on the ability to read and watch each Harry Potter book/film for the first time again. And I’m probably not the only Harry Potter fan to desperately want that experience. While anything short of a 50 First Dates situation won’t allow for a fresh eyes approach to the franchise, director Chris Columbus just lit a fire of hope under all Potterheads, because there is apparently a 3 hour version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone he’d like to see released. If that wasn’t enough to make you wish for something more than just another Harry Potter movie marathon this holiday season, Columbus also reveals a fan-favorite character from the books that is missing from the films is very much alive in the director’s cut. 

Maybe calling the character alive is a mistake, but he is present in the director’s cut. Peeves, everyone’s favorite prankster poltergeist, was apparently cut from the first film and never makes it back on screen in any of the sequels. In an interview with The Wrap, Chris Columbus revealed that not only would he love to see the 3-hour version of the first Harry Potter film released, but Peeves deserves his recognition too. Here is what the director says, exactly:

I would too. We have to put Peeves back in the movie, who was cut from the movie!

Of course, there is plenty of content that exists in the books that didn’t make it on screen and a number of characters that don’t get the recognition they deserve. However, the lack of Peeves in the films is one that has never sat well with fans. Peeves is in all of the books, and he actually gives quite a lot to both Hogwarts and, sometimes, the plot. 

While in the earlier books Peeves just is an annoying presence in the magical school making the lives of students and faculty alike harder than need be, the poltergeist steps up later in the series and actually helps out. Particularly in the 5th book, Peeves helps Fred and George escape Umbridge in one of the most elaborate pranks they pull off in their time at Hogwarts. 

Peeves shows up in every book in the Harry Potter series, and it’s honestly a travesty that he doesn’t show up in the films. The blow seems to lessen, though, knowing that the OG director of the film adaptations does have some respect for the character and did intend to include him. 

There is not yet any plans to release Chris Columbus’ 3 hour director’s cut of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but not all is lost. The franchise is still going strong with the Fantastic Beasts spinoff films, and the original films are still ripe for the binging. You can watch all the Harry Potter films on HBO Max, but sadly Peeves the Poltergeist won’t be making an appearance until the Columbus Cut is released.

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