Have Anya Taylor-Joy And Charlize Theron Been In Contact Over Mad Max: Furiosa? Here’s The Latest From The Queen’s Gambit Star

Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlize Theron Side by Side
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Some were disappointed when it was announced that Charlize Theron, who played Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, would not be returning for the upcoming Mad Max: Furiosa. But excitement was invigorated when Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy was set to take over the part. She recently wrapped filming on the project, and seems very excited to be a part of such a massive title. Fans wondered whether or not the two Furiosa actresses had been in content, which Taylor-Joy recently revealed the answer to.

At the NYC premiere of her new film The Menu, Taylor-Joy was asked by People Magazine whether or not the Split star had met with Theron after taking over the role. While Taylor-Joy clearly had a lot of love and respect for the Fast and Furious star, she divulged that the two have yet to have a conversation, however hopes to have a meet-up in the future. The actress detailed: 

Charlize was sweet enough — I think both of us ended up in a situation where we were both so respectful of each other that we didn't want to reach out prior [to filming]. The second it was over, once this press tour is over, we're having dinner, and we're going to swap war stories for sure. It is an entirely unique situation and I only finished it 13 days ago and was then thrown into this circus, so I think it's going to take me a second to understand what's going on. But I feel really grateful to be here, and I feel so grateful that I got to work with the unbelievable creatives that man Furiosa. The Mad Max world is entirely unique and epic at a scale that I can't even [describe].

While these two haven’t officially met, Taylor-Joy is clearly a fan of Theron's. I’m sure that once they meet up to finally have that dinner, the acting powerhouses will get along swimmingly. Playing Furiosa is such a demanding role, and sharing something so unique may create a bonding experience. While audiences are still yet to see Taylor-Joy in the titular role, she is likely to be spectacular, even if she has some big shoes to fill. 

Mad Max: Furiosa isn’t set for release until 2024, however we already know a lot about the project. It will depict a young Furiosa snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers as the world is falling. She is taken by a great Biker Horde and must survive as she tries to find a way home while two Tyrants fight for control over the world. The film is a post apocalyptic adventure film, and George Miller returns to direct the project. Along with Taylor-Joy the film also stars Chris Hemsworth and English actor Tom Burke.  

Furiosa is set to be the prequel to the Mad Max series. The sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland was previously announced with Tom Hardy attached, however little has been said about the project as of recent, and Theron’s return to the franchise is still up in the air. However, George Miller has also revealed another prequel has been written, so who knows what aspect of the Mad Max universe will be explored next.

Mad Max: Furiosa isn’t set to hit theaters until May 24, 2024, however fans of Anya Taylor-Joy can catch the actress in The Menu, which is in cinemas now. In addition, you can check out Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, which is currently available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. For more upcoming films coming to theaters in the near future check out our 2023 movie release schedule. 

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