Hello (Again) Sidney, Scream 6 Is Officially In The Works

The horror renaissance has been going strong for years, bringing some of the best horror movies back with new sequels. This includes the new Scream movie, which was a critical and box office success upon its release in January. Fans have been wondering about the franchise's future, and it looks like Scream 6 is officially in the works.

This news is sure to delight the generations of Scream fans out there who were hoping for more bloody adventures through Woodsboro. With the new movie recently passing $100 million at the global box office, Spyglass and Paramount are officially moving forward with a new slasher sequel. A quote was provided by the studios, which reads:

We are tremendously grateful to the fans around the world who enthusiastically received our film. We can’t wait for audiences to see what Radio Silence, writers Jamie & Guy and Project X have in store for our Woodsboro family.

Do you hear that sound? It's moviegoers collectively cheering and blasting the soundtrack to the original Scream. Because thanks to the wild success of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and the killer cast, we're getting another Scream movie. The directors will be joined by writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick who are handling the screenplay. Radio Silence issued its own thrilled reaction, which reads:

Working with such a wonderful and talented family of creators – and in the lineage Wes and Kevin so expertly built – has been the thrill of a lifetime and we’re so excited to bring the next chapter in the ‘Scream’ saga to life.

Of course, this news is sure to kickstart a number of fan theories about what Scream's sequel might contain. The filmmakers previously expressed how thrilled they'd be to return, and the movie contained easter eggs that might hint at which legacy characters might appear. The announcement of the new Scream didn't go into any details about the cast, including the likes of Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox.

Spoilers ahead for the 2022 Scream movie.

The latest Scream movie definitely left some narrative threads for the folks at Radio Silence to pull from in the next installment. While we said goodbye to a ton of beloved characters like Dewey and Judy, there were a surprising amount of survivors. This includes new protagonists Sam and Tara (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega), and the Meeks-Martin twins Mindy and Chad (Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding). 

Clearly, there's a big ensemble to service, and hardcore Scream fans are hoping to see the return of more legacy characters. This is especially true for Hayden Panettiere's Kirby, who was confirmed to have survived Scream 4. Patrick Dempsey's Mark Kincaid from Scream 3 is also Sidney's husband and the father of her children. Let's just hope those two characters get to appear in the new sequel. 

Scream is still in theaters now. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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