Henry Cavill Shares Adorable Photo Of His Pup Kal And He’s As Stoic As Superman

Henry Cavill dressed as Superman in Man of Steel desert scene
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

I don’t know one person who doesn’t love a good pup pic. After Tom Holland completely melted us with a puppy photo shoot, Henry Cavill is jumping in to show off his own doggo. The Superman actor obviously got his classic look from his dog, because they share the same stoic stare. Honestly, I don’t know who pulls it off better: Cavill or his American Akita. 

While Henry Cavill is typically at least somewhat present in the photos he shares on his Instagram, he stepped aside in his latest post to spotlight his handsome four-legged friend Kal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a serious and knightly dog; you can check him out in the post below:

Henry Cavill’s caption makes it sound like Kal is staring at some food behind the camera, and you can tell by his intense look that Kal doesn’t love that he’s having to wait until a picture is taken for him to fill his belly. The lesson here, though, is that Kal is super cute, even when he’s hungry. 

While there are certainly oohs and awes in the post's comment section over how massively adorable Kal the American Akita is, something else seems to be drawing in a crowd of attention from the post.  There are a ton of comments that are looking to the background of the photo, and seem to think that Henry Cavill has a Warhammer setup on the table behind Kal. 

It certainly looks like he has some paint set up, and a blurry figure can be kind of made out on the table. While this may seem to be a wild assumption, it makes a ton of sense when you consider that Henry Cavill’s previous Instagram post was at Warhammer World in the UK, and he was like a kid at a candy store in the video. Fans are thrilled that Cavill is a low-key nerd, and are expressing that they wish he would show more of that side of himself on social media.

The fact that fans would be thrilled that Henry Cavill is a nerd after their own heart makes a ton of sense, seeing as a lot of the parts he is known for have some pretty nerdy roots, if you want to call them that. Both of his most well-known roles in Man of Steel and The Witcher stem from literature; Superman coming from comic books and Geralt from a well-known fantasy series. His upcoming role as the lead in Highlander also has a cult following that is definitely “nerdy” leaning. 

For those fans who have been into fandoms like The Witcher and Highlander from a young age, having a man who understands the finer things that come with the nerdy lifestyle (I’m not talking smack, I’m into it too) as the star means a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kal the American Akita hasn’t been witness to a Warhammer battle or two. 

While there are rumors of Henry Cavill returning as Superman and taking back up that Kal-inspired stoicism, for now it looks like he is focused on other endeavors (that may or may not involve Warhammer). Coming up sometime this year on Netflix’s schedule of movie releases is the sequel to Enola Holmes, in which we can see him as Sherlock. Though not the James Bond role he was a frontrunner for, he is also taking up a similar spy role in Argylle.

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