Tom Holland Celebrated Uncharted's Opening Weekend With Some Adorable Puppies Because Why Not

Tom Holland in Uncharted
(Image credit: Sony)

Uncharted graced our presences with the unbeatable duo of Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland this past weekend, and it made a killing opening night. Paired with the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland is basically King of the Box Office right now, and he’s celebrated Uncharted’s opening weekend with a puppy photoshoot. It just might be the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Could Tom Holland get any more endearing? Apparently, yeah he can. In a new Instagram post, Holland can be seen posing with puppies and I’m not sure which is cuter - the actor or the puppies. You can check out the post below, and swipe for more pictures of a different adorable puppy:

I don’t hate anything about this post, and it looks like Tom Holland had a ton of fun taking these photos. In the second slide, Holland is making the universal face of cuteness at the puppy that I’m pretty sure everyone who has seen the photos is making while looking at them. In another photo, he’s looking down at the puppy and pointing ahead, and I can totally picture him talking to the puppy trying to get the adorable baby to look at the camera.

People in the comment section of the post are all praise. One fan says we need to protect Tom Holland at all costs, which I’ve got to agree with. Holland has pretty much reached national treasure status. Other fans are talking about how cute both the puppies and Holland himself are, with many referencing his long curly hair he is sporting in the photos and that they haven’t really seen featured in his films.

It’s hard not to notice that a certain someone has also taken a liking to the photos, leaving a comment containing the heart eyes emoji. Zendaya, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man costar and official partner since 2021, was quick to comment on his post, and fans certainly noticed. While most fans are focused on this post itself, some fans are certainly commenting on their love for the couple’s relationship, which fans have been speculating about for years. Zendaya’s comment itself has over two thousand replies from fans. 

Honestly, only two things could make Tom Holland’s post better than it already is. One, Holland and Zendaya adopt these two adorable dogs together, making all of our Tomdaya dreams come true. Or, two, Holland’s Uncharted costar Mark Wahlberg responds with his own puppy pictures (preferably shirtless, but I would be okay with a sweater similar to the one Holland is wearing). Walhberg has already shown he can troll his costar in the best way, and I’m living for the two’s dynamic.

While there are no puppies involved (there’s a cat though, does that count?), you can check out Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s Uncharted in theaters now. Holland doesn’t have any more films planned for this year, but you’ll find plenty of exciting things coming in our list of upcoming movie releases for 2022.

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