How Zach Galifianakis Is Hilariously Trying To Hide The Hangover From His Children

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover
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It’s wild to think that The Hangover was first released over 10 years ago. The movie gave us many things, including Zach Galifianakis, the actor who flawlessly portrayed Alan, the cringeworthy baby-wearing character that launched a thousand T shirts. While many know him as a lively comedic actor, he's also a loving father to two young boys. And when it comes to his family, apparently, the hilarious Between Two Ferns star and host is a tad more low-key than his fan-favorite character and tries to hide his connection to Alan and the rest of the film’s band of unfortunate adventurers. 

Zach Galifianakis had his first son just a few years after The Hangover made its impressive debut. Despite still being active in Hollywood with the same adult-oriented humor, he seems to want to hide his claim to fame from his young children. In an interview with ET, the 59-year-old actor says his kids actually have no idea what he does for work and believe he has a totally different profession. Here’s what the Due Date star says on the subject, exactly:

My kids think I’m a librarian somewhere. They don’t even know. They think I’m an assistant librarian somewhere. … They shall never know of it. I'll just deny it. I'll say, 'I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had nothing to do with that movie.'

It sounds like one of those running joke situations is going to occur when his children are old enough to use the internet but, honestly, that seems to be right on par with the comedic actor's humor, anyway. It sounds like, as a father, though, he is anything but joking around. He appears to take his job as dad very seriously, which is certainly commendable.

In the same interview, Zach Galifianakis doubled down on his intention not to let his kids watch the movies anytime soon. Here it is in the star’s own words:

You wanna protect their innocence as much as possible. They’re just children. People used to come up to me and be like, 'Oh, my kids love The Hangover,' and I'm like, 'You’re a terrible parent.' They need to mature a little bit before they see that.

While Zach Galifianakis seems to want to keep his career and family life very separate, it’s possible he may make an exception for his newly released animated childrens’ film, Ron’s Gone Wrong. The movie isn’t the first time Galifianakis has voiced acted in a film aimed at younger audiences, but this particular lead role should serve as an even stronger showcase for his skills as a voice actor. You (and maybe even a Galifianakis little or two) can check out the star’s newest film Ron’s Gone Wrong in theaters now.

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