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Watch Steve-O Reveal Rejected Jackass 4 Stunt, Then Attempt It Himself

Steve-o in Jackass Forever trailer

The stars of the Jackass TV series and movies have made a career out of doing the wildest things they can imagine on film. Sometimes they put their bodies on the line, sometimes they just try to gross us all out. And sometimes they try to both at the same time. At this point, one would think they've done all there is to do and broken every bone in their bodies at least once, but apparently when Jackass Forever opens in October, there's one stunt you won't see because the film's director rejected it. But Steve-O has done it anyway, and likely regrets it.

It seems that Steve-O himself had an idea for the new Jackass movie. He wanted somebody to get shot in the face with a t-shirt cannon full of dog poop. He went so far as to purchase a t-shirt canon himself to be able to accomplish the stunt. But in a new video blog, Steve-O explains the director didn't like the idea and so it ended up not being recorded. The "good news" however, was that when recent circumstances aligned, he decided to do the stunt himself for some friends.

I bought a t-shirt cannon for Jackass 4. My idea was to fill it up with dog poop and have someone get shot in the face with it. But the director Jeff Tremaine didn’t think the idea was really clever enough, so it didn’t happen. But then today my buddy from the Nelk Boys Steve WillDoIt asked if I would film with him for his blog. The Nelk boys are on fire. I wanted to hit a home run, so I pulled out the t-shirt cannon.

Never let it be said that Steve-O isn't willing to do crazy things. He says he wanted someone to get shot in the face with this thing, and when the time came, he was perfectly willing to let "someone" be himself. Check out the stunt, and the extensive aftermath, in the video below.

Steve-O is probably no stranger to emergency room visits. He's been there before and one would hope he's got some pretty solid insurance. However, he says here that this was perhaps his most embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Certainly, having to tell a doctor that your ear is injured and previously full of dog crap has to be an interesting conversation to have. On the whole, it seems that Steve-O was fine, just a little sore from the impact of the t-shirt canon. Which I have to say certainly worked exactly how it was likely intended. Honestly, Steve-O's ears have been through it all before.

So I guess we can call this a bonus stunt since we won't see it in the new Jackass movie. Is it clever? Probably not. The Jackass Forever director was probably right in that assessment, but it can't be said that it didn't leave an impact.

Dirk Libbey
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