Steve-O Clarifies His Jackass 4 Feud With Johnny Knoxville

Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville watching a castmate get bitten by a snake
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Jackass 4 marks the first time in a decade the entire crew has shared the screen. Of course, the film hasn’t been without its tribulations amongst the group. Even before the cameras rolled, there was some strife going on amongst the cast as money became an issue. It led to a feud between Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville. After coming back together for the final installment, the podcaster clarified what led to their feud.

The entire beef between the Jackass vets as Steve-O was trying to increase his salary for the last installment. According to the stunt performer, he learned of the movie through the news like everyone else. Upon learning about the fourth film, the Jackass vet immediately began thinking about his contract.

I was in shock. I was in disbelief when I learned that Knoxville was trying to make a fourth “Jackass” movie after an entire decade of inactivity with the “Jackass” brand. The contracts have never been fun but this time around, it was even less fun.

After years of growing his brand and career, the Jackass Forever star felt it was time for him to get his due. He wanted more of a share in the franchise he helped build. So, Steve-O partnered with his entertainment lawyer to negotiate for more money. In the same interview with Variety, the podcaster admitted to airing out his grievance about the film and his co-star during the salary talks. He mentioned his reckless comments leading to a rift between him and Johnny Knoxville.

I could have gone about it a lot more smoothly, and I didn’t. I blurted shit out during interviews that was counterproductive, so that’s what really pissed off Knoxville. We had a little rift, you know? My lawyer finally called me up and said, ‘Hey, take it, dude. This is going to get ugly.’ It might have gone up the smallest fraction of a number. But it did not go up in any sense for me to call it a win.

After attacking his Jackass co-star, the whole ordeal didn’t sit well with Steve-O. He admitted to being out of line with his comments regarding the contract negotiations. The Jackass vet reflected on what he learned from his dispute with Knoxville.

And in hindsight, I don’t even feel bad about it, because I handled it poorly and I’ll own that. I own it with Knoxville. I own it with you. What can I say? I was an asshole. Since then, I gave Knoxville a call. I said, ‘Hey, I want to acknowledge the way I handled the whole contract situation — it was fucking bullshit, man.’

In the end, he took accountability for his actions. The Jackass Forever star revealed the call between the two longtime friends a “healing conversation.” After the rift was healed, Steve-O felt the contract negotiations were unavoidable as he wanted his contribution to be acknowledged. He claimed the leveled playing field helped to enhance the crew’s signature chemistry.

Thankfully, Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville were able to work out their issues, even though the same can’t be said about fellow Jackass vet Bam Margera. Steve-O, Knoxville, and the other castmates will entertain the masses with their outrageous stunts when Jackass Forever arrives in theaters on Feb. 4.

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