Jamie Lee Curtis Gets Emotional Talking About Her Oscars Win: ‘I Never Saw It In A Million Years That I’d Have This Couple Days’


It's still crazy to think that Jamie Lee Curtis has been acting for over four decades and  only just last weekend, won her first Oscar. Based on that touching speech she gave at the 95th Academy Awards, Curtis was clearly one of the happiest people to hold that golden trophy, which she won for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once. After her victory, she spoke emotionally about how she never in “a million years” thought that this moment would come for her.

Jamie Lee Curtis is only one of the many lucky 2023 Oscar winners on Sunday, but her acceptance of the award was easily one of the night's most memorable moments. (Did any of you get Freaky Friday vibes when Curtis yelled “Shut up!” as they called out her name?) The entire experience must've been surreal, to say the least. And on The Today Show, the seemingly choked-up Best Supporting Actress winner summed up her feelings with some sentimental thoughts:

In my life, I never thought in a million years, that I would have these couple days, and I'm very, very moved by the whole thing.

The Halloween star has been very candid as of late, talking about getting nominated in the same Oscar category as her mother, Janet Leigh, among other things. Her famous father, Tony Curtis, was also famously nominated for Best Actor. Now, their daughter not only builds on their legacies but also continues to forge one of her own. The 64-year-old actress was excellent in Everything Everywhere All At Once, which saw her play intimidating IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre. While the character easily could've been one note, the star brought layers to Deirdre and her multiversal counterparts. So it goes without saying that she should certainly be reveling in this momentous achievement.

If you’re curious about who Jamie Lee Curtis reached out to first after she won the Oscar, you might be surprised by the answer. Because Curtis didn’t want to be on her phone during the awards ceremony, she quickly texted her dog walker to let her know that she wouldn’t be home right away and to come to her house to let her dog, Runi, out for an hour. Hello Magazine also reports that after answering questions from the press, she still made sure to leave the Oscars as soon as she picked up her newly engraved award to run home to her pooch. A cute photo of the two of them was shared to Instagram, and you check it out below:

This has been an eventful few months for the newly minted Academy Award winner. Jamie Lee Curtis said goodbye to Laurie Strode, as her Halloween series concluded. Though she's now diving into the humor and spookiness of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, in which she’ll play Madame Leota -- the “spirited” psychic medium in the crystal ball. She also wrapped up filming for the sci-fi action comedy film Borderlands last summer, and the movie is shaping up to be a highly anticipated blockbuster.

You just can't help but be happy for Jamie Lee Curtis right now. She may not have been able to envision an Oscar win for herself, but I'm sure plenty of her fans believed it would happen. You can watch her awarding-winning performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once using Showtime and Paramount+ subscriptions

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