Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Borderlands Movie With Kevin Hart And Co. Has Wrapped In Heartfelt Post

Jaime Lee Curtis in Halloween 2018

After nearly three months of filming, the cinematic adaptation of the video game Borderlands is a wrap! Honestly, it’s pretty impressive considering that the last year of preproduction and production consisted of some major COVID compromises, but the all-star cast, of course, pulled through like the professionals they are. Jaime Lee Curtis, who has been just as excited as the fans through shooting, shared the end of the production milestone with a heartfelt message to Kevin Hart and all her other Borderlands costars and company.

To mark the end of production, Jaime Lee Curtis reposted the same photo used by the official Borderlands social media pages to her own Instagram with her own incredibly heartfelt caption, tagging everyone she could who was affiliated to the project. In Curtis' post, which features Jack Black's robot character Claptrap, she said it was a blast working on the film with so many talented people, even though there were plenty of pandemic struggles to get past. You can check out her touching post below:

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While there have been some concerns from fans over Borderlands' film adaptation, whether it be over the casting or the fact that the film is not canon to the video games, hopefully Jaime Lee Curtis’ caption puts those fans’ minds at ease a little bit. Curtis makes the film sound like something truly special, something that only comes around every “once in a while.”

Jaime Lee Curtis talked about how amazing the cast is and how she was lucky enough to make some true friends on the Borderlands set. We have certainly been seeing some evidence of these new friendships, as Curtis has obviously been having fun on set with Cate Blanchett and has even come to Kevin Hart’s defense when his height challenges were brought up.

If I wasn’t already insanely jealous of the life Jaime Lee Curtis lives, I sure am now. She basically spent months with two of the funniest dudes in Hollywood, as well as some serious talent and is apparently super tight with them now. Can I be friends with Jack Black and Kevin Hart, please?

Jaime Lee Curtis’ post is full of love and light, and it looks like those feelings have bled into the comments, because it’s all positivity down there. Fans are commenting all of their hype for the upcoming Borderlands film, and their vibe really is matching Curtis’, one fan saying that their excitement is “truly immeasurable.”

As it stands right now, Borderlands does not have a set release date, although it would make sense for it to be released next year. The official Borderland film’s Instagram post that Jaime Lee Curtis piggy-backed off of for her wonderfully worded end of production post did have an interesting “see you in theaters in 20**”, which has people speculating that it could possibly be this year. Either way, Curtis sure has fans itching for the film!

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