Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals How She Screens Calls From Celebs Like Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday
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Jamie Lee Curtis is no dummy when it comes to fans impersonating celebrities. We live in a scary, techno-centric world where fans use deepfake to fool people into thinking they’re a well-known celebrity when it’s just the façade of impressionable technology. Luckily, the Halloween star has her own personal method to ensure that when celebs like Lindsay Lohan give her a call, she knows it’s really them.

The 63-year-old actress still has a great friendship with her Freaky Friday co-star Lindsay Lohan. But if The Parent Trap star were to shoot her a text, Curtis told Rolling Stone that she takes any text with caution to avoid being fooled by crafty fans.

I get a text from that person out of the blue, I'm very protective. 'Hey, Jamie, it's so-and-so.' I understand there's a lot of bullshit out in the world, and a lot of fakery, and people pretending to be people. So, I have secret questions. I go to my secret question right away so that, if they answer it, I know it's them. And if they don't, I know it's a fishing expedition.

Even though it’s been close to 20 years since the body swap comedy Freaky Friday hit theaters, it’s nice to know that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan still have the same sweet bond with each other. Curtis has an understanding of how her younger former co-star has dealt with fame considering how brutal it can be under the tabloid press. She has said that she still finds the former Disney star to be very talented and proud that she’s living a happy life with her husband Bader Shammas. Lohan is also making an acting comeback with her new Netflix Christmas movie Falling for Christmas. Like her Freaky Friday star’s character says, Lohan really did “make good choices.”

In order for Jamie Lee Curtis to see if Lindsay Lohan is truly the one who texted her, she has a secret code question to ask that only the Herbie Fully Loaded star would know the answer to.

If I tell you this, then I'm going to have to come up with another for her. But my question, up until today, for Lindsay is, 'What was the song that we were both trying to learn the rap to in the car when we were shooting the car scene?' And that would be the Justin Timberlake song 'Like I Love You.'

Now, that I wish could have been included in the Freaky Friday blooper reel! Freaky Friday really was hands-on one of the best remakes out there. In the original 1976 version of the comedy, there weren’t too many scenes of the mother and daughter together when they swapped bodies. So we missed out on any comedic dynamics between the two. In the 2003 remake, audiences were able to witness the amazing chemistry Curtis and Lohan had with each other not just in driving each other crazy with their mother-daughter spats, but in the sentimental moments they shared. I’m sure the bond they created on Freaky Friday will always be an unforgettable experience.

If this was an episode of Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, Lohan and Curtis would probably have Justin Timberlake’s song down flat. Or at least the rap part of the song.

There's a rap in the middle of it by Clipse, and the two of us were sitting in the car starting and stopping the tape player — that's how long ago it was — learning, 'Ma, what you want to do? I'm in front of you/Grab a friend, see I can have fun with two.'

Just like Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode isn’t fooled by the presence of serial killer Jason in Halloween Ends, Curtis refuses to be the target of a prank call joke if she can help it. You can watch the “Scream Queen” in the Halloween franchise’s conclusion Halloween Ends coming to theaters on October 14th. If you’d like to revisit 2003’s Freaky Friday again, feel free to watch it on your Disney+ subscription

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