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Jamie Lee Curtis On Her Relationship With Lindsay Lohan And How Her Freaky Friday Co-Star Has Dealt With Fame

Lindsey Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
(Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

Lindsay Lohan’s life in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy. Starting off as an actress at a young age, she saw her share of ups and downs, but she’s making an amazing comeback these days. And at least one of her former co-stars, Freaky Friday’s Jamie Lee Curtis, has some wise words regarding how Lindsay Lohan has handled her fame. 

Freaky Friday is undoubtedly a highlight of Jamie Lee Curtis’ career – and given how legendary her time in Hollywood has been, that’s saying something. It seems like her on-screen bond with Lindsay Lohan translated off screen as well. Even though it’s been nearly 20 years since the body swap comedy hit theaters, she’s still keeping tabs on her (fictional) daughter. And during a recent visit to People (The TV Show), Jamie Lee Curtis had nothing but good things to say about Lohan: 

She is a great talent. And she's had a lot on her plate at a very young age. It seems like she is settling into a really happy domestic life — she's engaged.

The actress is right – it does seem like there’s been nothing but good news for Lindsay Lohan lately, and there have been some big changes in her life. Not only is she moving from Dubai back to the United States with her fiancé, but she’s also got some cool upcoming projects, including a highly anticipated Christmas film with Netflix.

She also seems to be in good spirits. One day, she’s participating in Parent Trap-themed trends on TikTok and making us all hope for a sequel. The next, she’s living her best life designing custom tethers and evading the paparazzi in favor of getting a good night’s sleep for Planet Fitness’ Super Bowl commercial. It’s clear that the star doesn’t seem to be taking herself too seriously. According to Jamie Lee Curtis, that’s good news: 

We're in contact, and the fact that she can poke fun at herself a little [means] we can all poke fun at ourselves, believe me. Show business is very difficult, and being in front of the tabloid press is very difficult, it's really brutal. So God bless her.

We already knew that Jamie Lee Curtis and Linsday Lohan had kept in touch over the years – they even have a secret code from their days on the Freaky Friday set. Still, it’s really nice to see that Curtis is still rooting for her former co-star. By complimenting her talent and reminding the world that she didn’t have it easy, she’s helping to reframe some of the preconceived notions some may have about the Parent Trap star. The Halloween Kills icon told People (The TV Show) that she’s “just happy” that Lohan is happy. Honestly, same.

Those who would love to revisit the stars' performance as a mother and daughter can stream Freaky Friday with a Disney+ subscription.