Jason Momoa Explains All Of His Tattoos And Has A Funny Answer When Asked How Long The One On His Head Took

Jason Momoa in the bar as Aquaman's Arthur Curry
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Jason Momoa has accumulated a ubiquitous amount of body art over his decades-long career. As an integral part of Momoa’s persona, they're incorporated into the majority of the roles he takes, including Aquaman’s Arthur Curry. While they’re usually on display, the Hollywood A-lister rarely talks about the meanings behind them. Though he has discussed the process of receiving some of those tattoos. But in a new interview, the fan-favorite actor opened up about his ink and shared a funny answer regarding how long it took to complete the one on his neck.

The DC star provided some clarity on his tattoos while answering the most-searched Internet questions for Wired. He spilled that some of them represent his business ventures, while others are a bit more personal. The A-lister dove into the symbolism behind his unique body art, saying:

Some of them are my companies that I have, On the Roam, Pride of Gypsies. Some are just personal ones. One's for someone who passed, who I loved very much. A lot of these are for protection. Aumakua, which is like your guardian. These are for protection of family, and they’re the ‘ihe spears.

In short, tattoos have become another way for Jason Momoa to celebrate everything in his life, from his family to his career. The fact that he's drawn upon his Hawaiian background for most of his body art speaks to the connection he still has to his roots, despite living and working in Hollywood. Of course, that bond is evident in his projects, like his new Apple TV+ historical drama Chief of War, which films in his home state. The star even rocked a Hawaiian Malo on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It's clear that he loves his culture and people, (even though some locals weren't too happy with his show's production causing an inconvenience).  

The actor's most recent tattoo came on the heels of him cutting his hair earlier this year. After documenting the viral cut, he followed it up with another video showing off his new ancestral head tattoo. Fans have only seen the results but, in the latest interview, the Slumberland star gave some them some insight into just how long he had to sit for his latest piece:

Two and a half hours. And it felt like a lifetime.

Now, that’s what I call patience. Getting a tattoo can be long and tedious, and laying down for over two hours is no small feat. Plus, his newest ink was placed on a sensitive area – the side of his head. So kudos to him for withstanding the needle for that long. It sounds like it was a challenging experience for Jason Momoa, but he certainly endured it. I wouldn't be surprised if the star gets more tatts at some point but, after that latest one, he might be looking to take a break from adding new designs.

Jason Momoa’s busy 2022 will filter over into next year, as he stars in some of the  biggest 2023 new movie releases. He'll reprise the role of Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash. In addition, Momoa will join the Fast & Furious finales Fast X and Fast & Furious 11 as the mysterious Dante. Until the films drop next year, you can stream Aquaman using an HBO Max subscription.  

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