See Jason Momoa Show Off New Head Tattoo In Video Days After Shaving Off Hair

Jason Momoa recently cut his hair. At the time he explained that he was doing it as a way to campaign for the environment, specifically, trying to get people to stop using single-use plastic, an issue Momoa cares deeply about. While that may have been the reason Momoa promoted the trim, he took the opportunity to do something else with his newly shaved head, he has a new tattoo on the side of his head.

In a new Instagram post, Momoa was headed from Hawai'i to New Zealand, and he took a moment to show off the new ink. It's a traditional Hawaiian tribal design on one side of his head. Momoa tags Sulu'ape Keone Nunes in the post, who specializes in that sort of work. Check out Momoa's new look below.

When Momoa originally cut his hair, it was difficult to tell just how far he was going to go with his environmental statement. The haircut did look significant, but it was hard to tell if he was going to come out of this with simply shorter hair, or actually short hair.

But it now appears that the purpose of the haircut was actually work related. Momoa makes a comment in the clip that "Chief of War is coming." Chief of War is Momoa's upcoming Apple TV+ series, and the show's producer Justin Chon, commented on the post with several fire emojis. 

It raises the question of whether or not this tattoo is permanent. It may be something that he got done just for the show, Momoa's second project for Apple TV+ subscribers, that will go away once the show is done. But Momoa may have decided to take the opportunity to get a traditional tattoo that he'll keep. He can always grow his hair back out if he wants to keep the tattoo but ever needs to over it for other roles. 

Jason Momoa's new tattoo

(Image credit: Instagram/PrideofGypsies)

We can see now that he still has long hair, just not in the way he once did. His hair is up here, so it will all fit under his hat. And if he let it all go down it would likely still fall below his shoulders, at least on the back of his head. But he has shaved the sides of his head, allowing for his new tattoo.

The tattoo may have been the actual reason for the haircut, and Jason Momoa decided to draw attention to it to help spread his environmental message. But that doesn't negate the environmental message. Even in this post, Momoa makes a reference to single-use plastic and in the video he's carrying a reusable water bottle, something he apparently got from Hawaiian Airlines. 

Chief of War is just one of Jason Momoa's upcoming projects, which includes a sequel to the wildly successful Aquaman as well as the next entry in the Fast and Furious franchise. 

Dirk Libbey
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