After Jason Momoa Showed Off His Butt On Instagram, He Rocked A Hawaiian Malo And Did The Same On Kimmel

Aquaman in orange and green costume holding trident
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

While production on Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom might have officially wrapped, that has yet to keep the film’s star, Jason Momoa, from staying busy. The Game of Thrones alum has a slew of upcoming projects and has been making the late-night rounds promoting his most recent movie, the children’s film Slumberland. Momoa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to reveal a clip from his movie, only for things to get more revealing (and a bit PG-13) when the late-night host brought up the now-viral image of the actor showing off his butt during a fishing trip

During the recent interview, Kimmel produced a copy of an image taken from the Dune actor’s Instagram, depicting Momoa deep sea fishing with his butt on full display. Momoa revealed that the garment is a traditional Hawaiian malo, which he wears daily on the set of his Apple+ TV series, Chief of War, and in his free time when he can. The host jokingly asked if the actor was currently wearing it under his clothes, prompting Momoa to disrobe and reveal that he was actually wearing the malo.

I have to agree with Jimmy. Who wouldn't feel a bit like Danny Devito if we were sitting next to Momoa, whether he is sporting his post-Fast X "Dad-bod" or is closer to his impressive Aquaman physique? The actor recently teased his dream DC project, so don't be surprised when he is back into pristine superhero-fighting form for one of his upcoming DC movies

Momoa is known for taking on badass roles, and one of the most exciting rumors is his involvement in the remake of one of the best action movies of the 1990s, Cliffhanger. The actor is rumored to play a mountain climber, a role originated by Momoa's Bullet to the Head co-star Sylvester Stallone, who crosses the paths of thieves involved in a plot to recover some stolen cash. If there is anyone who could convincingly play a rugged mountain climber, it is for sure the Khal Drogo actor. 

While Momoa is known for playing tough and hardass men, he isn't afraid to show a softer side of himself. He is a man who isn't scared to talk about his love for the color pink, and since the reveal of the gorgeous and dreamlike Slumberland trailer, it is clear we are getting a more playful and childlike Momoa in his performance as Flip. Slumberland is a Netflix adaptation based on Winsor McKay’s Little Nemo Slumberland comic strip and a bit of a reimagining of the 1989 animated film released in America by Disney. 

DC fans may have to wait a while to see Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as its release schedule has moved to late 2023. Thankfully, you can see his previous portrayals of Aquaman in 2018's Aquaman and 2021's Zack Snyder's Justice League, both currently available for HBO Max subscribers

You can also catch the actor, like he catches deepsea fish (buns out) in Slumberland when it debuts on November 18th. You only have to have an active Netflix subscription, and a traditional Malo, of course. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.

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